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Box Office Update: 8/19-21

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Who would have guessed it? The Virgin came out on top. It exceeded expectations taking in over $21 million. It looks like Judd Apatow may finally have a hit, after striking out with 2 very good, yet low-rated television series (Freaks & Geeks, Undeclared). It also is a notch in Steve Carrell’s belt, funny guy who’s stock is rising between this and The Office.

Coming right behind it is another new film for this weekend. Red Eye did well too. I saw it, and found it to be a surprisingly effective thriller. It also shows that Wes Craven can still pull a decent film out and it is helping to create two new stars in Rachel McAdams and Cillian Murphy. The two of them have some great chemistry.

Wedding Crashers continues to have to show strong legs, remaining in 4th this week. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it hit $200 million before it ends it’s run. Another one still doing well is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which also looks to be headed for the $200 million mark.

On some non Top Ten news, it likes like the Deuce Bigalow sequel was a one and out as it dropped to 11th in it’s second week of release. Maybe it will die a quick death. Then there is Supercross, which opened this weekend and didn’t even crack the top ten, coming in at a miserable 15th. Finally, two would be blockbusters continue their descent down the charts, The Island and Stealth.

This Week Last Week Title Wknd Gross Overall Week in release
1 N The 40 Year Old Virgin $21,422,815 $21,422,815 1
2 N Red Eye $16,167,662 $16,167,662 1
3 1 Four Brothers $12,487,537 $43,118,074 2
4 4 Wedding Crashers $8,002,613 $177,642,603 6
5 2 The Skeleton Key $7,725,495 $30,448,770 2
6 7 March of the Penguins $6,487,696 $48,444,218 9
7 3 The Dukes of Hazzard $5,978,292 $69,070,528 3
8 N Valiant $5,914,722 $5,914,722 1
9 6 Charle and the Chocolate Factory $4,434,453 $192,638,088 6
10 8 Sky High $4,034,895 $50,862,532 4

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