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Box Office Update: 7/8-10

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Finally, talk of the downturn in the week to week business comparisons is over. This weekend, the box office rose to $148.9 million compared to last year’s $148.2 million.

I think the biggest surprise is that the charge was led by Fantastic Four, which opened to negative buzz and poor reviews. I saw it, and, while it was not nearly as bad as I had been led to believe it would be, it still left much to be desired. Its take of over $56 million caught analysts off guard, as they were predicting somewhere in the mid $30 millions, as reported at IMDB and Box Office Mojo.

War of the Worlds dropped off considerably, but still managed a hefty sum to place second. This while Batman Begins showed good legs finishing third. This is the most encouraging to me, and I encourage everyone to go out and see this excellent film.

Dark Water was a bit disappointing, failing to crack $10 million. I saw this as well, and, while not perfect, is a fine thriller dripping with creepy atmosphere.

This Week Last Week Title Wknd Gross Overall Week in release
1 N Fantastic Four $56,061,504 $56,061,504 1
2 1 War of the Worlds $30,469,118 $164,978,282 2
3 2 Batman Begins $10,012,444 $171,901,777 4
4 N Dark Water $9,939,251 $9,939,251 1
5 3 Mr. & Mrs. Smith $7,872,275 $158,669,309 5
6 5 Herbie: Fully Loaded $6,060,511 $48,292,675 3
7 4 Bewitched $5,583,833 $50,934,671 3
8 6 Madagascar $4,009,053 $179,259,220 7
9 7 Rebound $3,024,349 $11,513,266 2
10 8 Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith $2,600,800 $370,819,889 8

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  • chloejaz

    Batman Begins should hit 200 million domestic. And it deserves every penny.

  • I hope it does, the drops have been less precipitous than other blockbusters. WOrd of mouth is getting around, and there have been repeat viewings. I think this has the legs to last the longest in the top 10 this summer. We shall see….

  • You may want to read and do a post based on this piece – pretty relevant