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Box Office Update: 7/15-17

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How sweet it is: the magical chocolate factory, combined with those looking for love in all the wrong (right?) places, has lifted the box office, for an amazing second week in a row, to a victory over the similar week last year.

I am very happy to see the latest Tim Burton/Johnny Depp collaboration doing so well. It is a wonderfully bizarre film, if a bit antiseptic-feeling. The Vaughn/Wilson team up was also a surprise; I find it refreshing to see a comedy that isn’t afraid of laying down some f-bombs and some nudity, while giving us a film that is laugh-out-loud funny. All too often films have had a watered-down feeling, this applies more to horror, but comedy as well.

For the first time since its release, Episode III has dropped off the top 10, after 9 weeks. It is slowly inching towards $375 million, but seems unlikely to reach the $400 million plateau – $380 million isn’t out of the question though. On a similar note, Rebound is sinking pretty quick, falling to 13th place in its third week. Dark Water is also falling, losing over 50% since its first week, falling from 4th to 7th.

On the other side, both Mr. & Mrs. Smith and Batman Begins are showing strong legs as they finish their 6th and 5th weeks respectively. It looks like the Bat could have the legs to hit $200 million; it makes me happy to see that people are continuing to discover this excellent film.

Hopefully we well see some more good films rise to the top throughout the rest of the summer.

This Week Last Week Title Wknd Gross Overall Week in release
1 N Charlie and the Chocolate Factory $56,178,450 $56,178,450 1
2 N Wedding Crashers $33,900,720 $33,900,720 1
3 1 Fantastic Four $22,783,303 $100,195,795 2
4 2 War of the Worlds $15,244,749 $192,426,922 3
5 3 Batman Begins $6,035,300 $183,140,850 5
6 5 Mr. & Mrs. Smith $5,234,822 $168,276,570 6
7 4 Dark Water $4,609,754 $18,885,278 2
8 6 Herbie: Fully Loaded $3,619,074 $55,966,221 4
9 7 Bewitched $2,556,432 $57,026,688 4
10 8 Madagascar $2,308,169 $184,083,054 8

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  • Justice John Roberts

    Go Batman! I wish you nothing but success in your pursuit of 200 million dollars domestic.

  • Agreed, I really hope that it does, it looks like it has a good shot to!