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Box Office Update: 6/24-26

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This week marks the 18 straight week that the weekend box office did not exceed or match the comparable weekend from last year. The movies are still bringing in boatloads of money, and the record breaking streak of recent years were bound to tail off at some point.

There are a few factors which could be reasoning for this. DVD releases too close to the corresponding theatrical run. Decreasing film quality. Loss of interest. Other things to do. Better summer television. But, I’m not really here to delve into those reasons, as intriguing as they are.

The Bat reigns supreme topping the list for the second straight week. I doubt it will hit three with War of the Worlds on the horizon. Bewitched had a good showing cracking 20 mill. And Star Wars drifts past 350 million, will it make it to $40?

This Week Last Week Title Wknd Gross Overall Week in release
1 1 Batman Begins $27,589,389 $122,511,813 2
2 N Bewitched $20,131,130 $20,131,130 1
3 2 Mr. and Mrs. Smith $16,825,209 $125,513,483 3
4 N Herbie: Fully Loaded $12,709,221 $17,745,586 1
5 N Land of the Dead $10,221,705 $10,221,705 1
6 3 Madagascar $7,434,917 $160,191,242 5
7 4 Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith $6,113,071 $358,469,219 6
8 5 The Longest Yard $5,527,359 $141,947,805 5
9 6 The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl (3D) $3,496,044 $30,539,862 3
10 7 Cinderella Man $3,446,235 $49,768,535 4

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  • No wonder, judging by the list.
    Perhaps if they made movies for grown-ups, they would do better.