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Box Office Update 6/18-6/20: Toy Story 3 Rockets to the Top

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It's only taken since the start of May but the box office had some genuine life blown into its lungs this week. Iron Man 2 had gotten things off to a lively start and was a good movie to boot. Since then the offerings have been a little lackluster. Yes, I know that the fourth Shrek film was in there, but I did not particularly care for it and it was not exactly a critical success to begin with. But now we have Toy Story 3, a critical and box office darling that is well worth the attention it has received. It brought the audiences out in droves and gave Pixar the biggest opening they have ever enjoyed with $110 million. Kudos to them as the movie is a blast and very re-watchable.

On the other hand the other wide release was dead on arrival. The supernatural tinged western action film based on the comic of the same name arrived with virtually no support and almost unanimous bad reviews. Jonah Hex, boasting a cast that includes Josh Brolin, John Malkovich, and Megan Fox, barely made a peep on its way to a $5.3 million tally. It does not help that the buzz has been very negative around it and, having seen it, agree. It is not a good movie. If all you want is a growing Josh Brolin, a one line-spewing Megan Fox, and a bored Malkovich, this may be for you. Otherwise, I would steer clear.

Taking a trip back to the top finds last week's top two films doing a decent job of holding their audience. In particular, the surprising remake of The Karate Kid is doing quite well, having crossed the $100 million mark in its second weekend. On top of that, the movie really is quite good and deserves the attention it has received, and this coming from someone who was sure it was going to be a misguided project.

The middle of the chart was nicely bunched up with the fifth through eighth positions being separated by less than $600,00, and in fourth place the spread only expands to $1 million. I guess people just could not really decide amongst these films with the result being a crap shoot. Even the much maligned Jonah Hex could have finished higher with minimal difference in the audience spread.

Next weekend will see the arrival of the Tom Cruise/Cameron Diaz action/comedy Knight & Day. It looks like fun, although it seems to strike a similar vein as the recent Kutcher/Heigl pairing, Killers. The other big release is the comedy Grown Ups, which looks pretty dumb but funny at the same time. This one brings together Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider, Chris Rock, David Spade, and Kevin James in one movie. Oh yes, Salma Hayek is there too.

Two movies dropped off the list this week: Sex and the City 2 (11) and Splice (13).

This Week Last Week Title Wknd Gross Overall Week in release
1 N Toy Story 3 $110,307,189 $110,307,189 1
2 1 The Karate Kid (2010) $29,876,295 $107,130,239 2
3 2 The A-Team (2010) $14,405,318 $50,427,588 2
4 4 Get Him to the Greek $6,104,810 $47,844,275 3
5 3 Shrek Forever After $5,620,398 $223,076,925 5
6 6 Prince of Persia: Sands of Time $5,566,464 $80,800,574 4
7 N Jonah Hex $5,379,365 $5,379,365 1
8 5 Killers $5,035,755 $39,302,411 3
9 9 Iron Man 2 $2,872,252 $304,210,329 7
10 7 Marmaduke $2,474,195 $27,711,000 3

Box Office Predictions Recap

I started off so well with the first three spots falling right in line with what I was thinking. It was with the fourth place that it all began to fall apart. Of course, it started with Jonah Hex. I had an idea that it was going to open poorly and I was right. The problem is that it opened considerably worse than I was expecting it to. Everything just went a little sideways through the middle of the pack before I found my way again to close out strong with the tenth spot. Perhaps next week I will be able to keep a stronger track.

Here is how the field matched up:

Actual Prediction Title Wknd Gross Prediction
1 1 Toy Story 3 $110,307,189 $110 million
2 2 The Karate Kid (2010) $29,876,295 $28 million
3 3 The A-Team (2010) $14,405,318 $14 million
7 4 Jonah Hex $5,379,365 $11 million
5 5 Shrek Forever After $5,620,398 $8 million
4 6 Get Him to the Greek $6,104,810 $5 million
8 7 Killers $5,035,755 $4 million
6 8 Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time $5,566,464 $3.25 million
11 9 Sex and the City 2 $2,411,025 $3 million
10 10 Marmaduke $2,474,195 $2.5 million
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