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Box Office Update 2/19-2/21: Shutter Island Dominates

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So far no one film has stepped up to control the box office in the wake of Avatar's fall from first place. Each subsequent week has given us a new number one movie. Looking at the top ten list from another angle, you can say Avatar still dominates the box office. In its tenth week of release it is in third place, up one spot from its ninth week and it only dropped 30% in its gross from last week. Simply put, the run it is having is pretty phenomenal no matter what you think of the movie.

As for this week's actual number one movie, it happens to be the latest offering from Martin Scorsese, Shutter Island. The Leonardo DiCaprio-starring thriller easily won the weekend and gave the legendary director his biggest opening ever. It easily outdid his last biggest open, The Departed, which took in $26 million. It is also the biggest opening of DiCaprio's career, besting the $30 million made by Catch Me if You Can. Do you think it will hold up when DiCaprio's Inception (Christopher Nolan's next film) opens this summer? It doesn't really matter as the quality of the film trumps the money every time. It just so happens that Shutter Island  is a pretty amazing film that will have you on the edge of your seat as the story unfolds in such a way as to keep you guessing and leaning in the wrong direction. Don't miss it.

Slipping more than 70% to second place is Garry Marshall's syrupy ode to the holiday of love, Valentine's Day. It still finished second, but it fell way off the pace of its debut. I cannot say it wasn't expected — the movie is tied directly to a holiday which has passed. It will rent well next November, but it is done at the box office.

Third place is home to the previously mentioned Avatar. The movie has grossed more than $687 million through ten weekends. Titanic's run may have had length, but there is something about the speed in which Avatar has racked in the dollars. How far will it go? We will have to see.

Aside from Valentine's Day, The Wolfman slipped the most from its first weekend. Apparently people are not taking to the new take on the classic werewolf story. It's a shame, too. As many problems as it has, it really is quite a good film. There is lots to like, the look, the makeup, the atmosphere. Yes, it is a good movie and does not deserve the bad press it's gotten.

There really isn't anything all that special down the rest of the list. It is made up of last week's leftovers shifted down a little bit.

Next week has two new films hitting nationwide. First up is the latest Kevin Smith offering, Cop Out, a comedy starring Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan, and Seann William Scott. It's the first time Smith has directed a film that he did not write. Also opening is The Crazies, a new take on the George Romero film from the 1970s. What's on your schedule?

One movie dropped off the list this week: When in Rome (12).

This Week Last Week Title Wknd Gross Overall Week in release
1 N Shutter Island $41,062,440 $41,062,440 1
2 1 Valentine's Day $16,665,299 $86,927,385 2
3 4 Avatar $16,240,857 $687,962,011 10
4 3 Percy Jackson $15,254,421 $58,714,813 2
5 2 The Wolfman $9,895,105 $50,363,730 2
6 5 Dear John $7,130,552 $65,801,765 3
7 6 The Tooth Fairy $4,354,280 $49,721,400 5
8 9 Crazy Heart $2,964,586 $21,524,784 10
9 7 From Paris with Love $2,661,829 $21,361,504 3
10 8 Edge of Darkness $2,243,311 $40,347,222 4

Box Office Predictions Recap

Just like last week, don't even bother looking at the right side of the chart. Let me just tell you I was way off all the way down the chart. I did get a couple of the grosses in the right ballpark, but overall it was not a good week. I had no idea that Shutter Island would climb as high as it did, although I am not complaining, it is a very good movie. There is always next week, right?

Here is how the field matched up:

Actual Prediction Title Wknd Gross Prediction
1 1 Shutter Island $41,062,440 $31 million
2 2 Valentine's Day $16,665,299 $22 million
3 3 Avatar $16,240,857 $20 million
4 4 Percy Jackson $15,254,421 $18 million
5 5 The Wolfman $9,895,105 $15 million
6 6 Dear John $7,130,552 $9 million
7 7 The Tooth Fairy $4,354,280 $4.5 million
8 8 Crazy Heart $2,964,586 $4 million
9 9 From Paris With Love $2,661,829 $3.25 million
10 10 Edge of Darkness $2,243,311 $2.5 million

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