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Bowie DVD/Book Set

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Artist: David Bowie and the Spiders From Mars
Title: Inside Bowie and the Spiders (1969-1974)-An Independent Critical Review
Format: DVD/Book Set
Genre: Rock
Label: Classic Rock Productions


I have always had a fascination with the artistic genius of David Bowie. I think the man is brilliant, and he continues to reinvent himself every time he decides to release an album. Ziggy Stardust is the most famous role he ever played. What he sang about on the classic album was not too far from the truth, while it was fiction, it certainly seemed as though Bowie was living out the story in real life, finally breaking up the band at the height of their success just like his on stage alter ego. The lyrics touch a sensitive spot in all of us, particular on the outstanding track “Five Years,” where David seems like a clairvoyant discussing the future of mankind.

The ongoing series of independent critical reviews continues with an in depth analysis of Bowie and his Spiders from Mars from 1969-74. Mick Ronson (guitar), Trevor Bolder (bass) and Woody Woodmansey (drums) were one of the very best glam rock outfits of the entire decade that brought us classic rock. Ronson, Bolder and Woodmansey were brilliant players, and Bowie knew exactly what he was doing when he put the band together. Check out Ronson’s solo material, it is quite good. I concur with one of the critics; Ronson was a dreadfully underrated guitar player.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable two-disc set with plenty of rare concert and backstage footage released for the first time, including a lovely hardcover book with some interesting reading inside to absorb before or after your viewing. I always seem to read afterwards because I am so excited about watching the DVDs! I have yet to take in one of the Classic Rock Production a set that was not a superb production from top to bottom. I suggest you snag up this prize if you are a Bowie fan and make sure you check out all the other titles the label has to offer, their catalog is becoming quite extensive. Long live Classic Rock!

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

November 28, 2004

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  • SFC Ski

    Don’t forget, Ronson’s guitar work was a big feature on Ian Hunter’s solo albums, as well.

    This sounds like a worhty purchase, thanks for the tip.

  • And Trevor Bolder is still a great bass player, as anyone who’s seen Uriah Heep recently will tell you.

    What happened to Woody Woodmansey?

  • Nice package.

    erm …


    I put this one up on Advance.net.

    One link to where the review also now sits is this one you’ll have to scroll down some, but it’s there.

    You might already, but go ahead and e-mail the band / PR the link here.

    – thanks. Temple