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The Bourne film series consists of action thrillers centered on the character Jason Bourne, a government assassin suffering from amnesia. He was created by American author Robert Ludlum, who wrote the first three novels of the Bourne series, which was later continued by Eric van Lustbader, who received permission from the estate of Robert Ludlum to write Jason Bourne novels.

The films are loosely based on the novel series and title character is portrayed by Matt Damon, who was featured in the first three parts. While the films were initially intended to form a trilogy, a fourth installment called The Bourne Legacy is planned for release in 2012, however Jason Bourne will not be featured in this film. Instead, the film will be set in the same fictional universe dealing with secret conspiracies, but will focus on entirely different characters, as well as a new male lead. Jeremy Renner is the most likely candidate, while Rachel Weisz may be his love interest.

It seems that Matt Damon was willing to star in The Bourne Legacy back in 2009, which implies that a totally different script was initially planned for this film. However, since director Paul Greegrass pulled out of the project in late 2009, shortly after, Matt Damon decided to decline the project as well. This brought on an entirely new writing and directing team, consisting of brothers Tony and Dan Gilroy, as well as brand new concepts for plot and characters.

Since the film is in pre-production state at the time of this writing, The Bourne Legacy trailer has not yet been released to offer additional clues as to what we can expect from the new film. While Eric von Lustbader wrote the last five novels of the series, including the one titled The Bourne Legacy, the film will most likely not be based on the book. Matt Damon has expressed the desire to return to the series, but only if Paul Greengrass, the director of the last two – The Bourne Supermacy and The Bourne Ultimatum – returns as well. Screenwriter Dan Gilroy has stated that a sequel in this format is possible as a future project.

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