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Kerry Has 20-Point Lead in New Jersey, Poll Shows

Fifty-two percent of the 624 registered voters surveyed said they would choose Kerry, a four-term Massachusetts senator, if the election were held now, and 32 percent said they would pick Bush. Three percent said they would vote for independent candidate Ralph Nader or a third-party candidate, the Star-Ledger reported today. [Bloomberg 8/9/04]

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  • RJ

    So, it looks like Kerry will hold one of Gore’s states, and a very liberal one at that.

    This is proof of a “bounce”?

    We’ll see what the polls are showing after Bush’ convention…

  • RJ, you need to pay attention before hitting the ‘send’ key.

    Go to the Bloomberg link and you’ll see that in May Kerry was ahead 6%. After the convention, he’s 20% ahead.

    Bounce? Yes.

    My error in the post, clearly, was in assuming that everyone would be interested in checking out the facts.

    It appears that facts don’t matter to some.

  • Shark

    I wonder when Dick “Kenny Boy, Jr” Lay will be indicted and/or investigated for his hand in the Halliburton fraud.

    Ken Starr spent $50 million investigating a blow-job in the oval office. You’d think somebody could rustle up enough outrage to put Cheney next to his pal, Chalabi, in a police line-up.

    Sprio who?

  • Shark

    Whoops, make that Dick “KennyBoyJr” Cheney.


    I get mixed up with all the white collar criminals in the Bush Administration.