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Boston Flavored Pizza Tastefully Arrives In Tempe, AZ

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Tempe can finally take a bite out of Sal’s Pizza’s 19” three-pound pizza straight from Boston’s North End.

Located on Rural Road and Apache Boulevard at the Vue On Apache apartment complex, Sal’s Pizza serves the Arizona State University campus with east coast style pizza.

“Two things you can’t get out here are pizza and Chinese food. I’m not Asian so I can’t make Chinese food,” said Tempe Sal’s Pizza Owner and Operator Joe Sciolla.  Sciolla said that he “can’t wait to take Sun Dollars and Maroon & Gold Dollars” at the new location across the street from the main ASU campus. 

This will benefit both students and faculty looking for more food options that take ASU’s Sun Card. It will also draw more business due to students wanting to spend their Maroon & Gold dollars before spending their own money.

“Sun Dollars are basically fake money that students have to use before the year is over. If more real restaurants instead of fast food chains took Sun Dollars, it’d give students healthier options. It’d also drive students to restaurants that are more tasty,” said Ian Blake, sophomore.

Sciolla said that Sal’s Pizza offers a higher quality at a lower price than many of the national brands. The 19” three-pound cheese pizza costs $9.99.

The pizza is made of 100% whole milk mozzarella cheese, pure virgin oil, whole plump tomatoes, fresh vegetables, and other quality toppings. The dough is made fresh daily.

Sal’s Pizza in Tempe brought their ovens from Boston. The rotating rack oven was used at most pizza joints on the east coast throughout the 1900s. It is not fast; a pizza cooks in nine minutes. National brands can cook a pizza in three minutes, but Sciolla said that their quality and taste do not compare to Sal’s Pizza.

“It’s hard for Sal’s coming out west because people don’t have an appreciation for good pizza. People out here were raised on Pizza Hut. Being from the east coast, all four corners of the street were four different pizza joints,” said Sciolla.

One of Sciolla’s goals for Sal’s Pizza is to raise people’s awareness that eating pizza on the west coast can be at a neighborhood pizza joint rather than a national brand.

“As a New Yorker, I never understood how so many Arizonans can just go to Dominos and be happy. Sal’s Pizza is an east coast style pizza with a thick crust. I hope that Sal’s catches on as the year goes on. People need to understand how good pizza tastes,” said Jake Klipper, junior.

When ordering a slice of pizza at Sal’s Pizza, one slice is a quarter of their 19” pie.

“Sal’s pizza’s foundation since the beginning is just a huge slice of pizza,” said Sciolla.

Sciolla mentioned that working with Sal Lupoli, owner, is his favorite reason to be working with Sal’s Pizza. He worked alongside Lupoli following graduating ASU in 1998 to bring the Boston pizza chain out west.

Sciolla, 32, worked with Lupoli when he originally opened Sal’s Pizza in Chandler, Ariz., before the complex went into foreclosure. Once it went into foreclosure, Sal’s Pizza moved to the new Tempe location.

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