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Rummaging through my old underwear and lingerie I found more feeding brassieres that had cupped my body in 2003. They were in a slightly better shape and had a bit of lace on top. This was the period when the cow batted her eyes at the bull as the calf had been weaned.

2004 was the year when I began to lose weight and my bras became exciting. French knickers got along with American bras, albeit being kind of mismatched.

As a rule I don’t like panties. They give wedgies, tighten at all the wrong places and generally speaking are germ carpets. Thus, in these five years of marriage I have six good panties that have been barely worn. They were expensive, bought on a whim and are so tiny on the back that wedgies are a given.

My bras from 2004 were mostly from Victoria’s Secret and the majority of them had front snaps. They were sexy, convenient, and fun – just like my life had been during that year when my kid had become independent enough to give me breathing space so as to be creative and thus became a happier person.

The end of 2004 saw a drastic change in my bra collection when I became pregnant yet again. This time round I wasn’t as thrifty as I had been in my first pregnancy. By then I realized that I shouldn’t pinch pennies when it came to myself. It didn’t help support my family – nor my breasts for that matter.

My bras during pregnancy and after came from Target. The feeding bras were, as usual, asexual and became saggy after four or five washes. My size changed and so did my bras but they all looked and felt the same.

They had front loops that could come down to feed the baby and were quite comfortable and loose. Tight and restrictive bras are known to cause a decrease in milk supply hence my branches probably swayed a tad too much while we were in San Francisco during August, September and early October.

By mid-November, my boob size decreased noticeably thanks to breast feeding. I couldn’t see myself be literally laden with two jiggling melons instead of well stacked oranges. So off I went shopping with my American Express card and found that since I had lost more weight, I went from 32D (double gulp) to a 36C. I had been wearing loose bras that had given my breasts too much breathing space and no support.

My current bras are regular ones from Target. They aren’t the generic feeding bras so whenever I have to feed my daughter it means opening the back snap, loosening the front, and plugging the baby.

My choice of bras this time around clearly state my thinking – to hell with convenience, motherhood should not be devoid of a sense of fashion. One can enjoy a bit of lace even at a frugal price.

The bras I’ve bought were under the Special Occasion section – underwired (which is a must for all women who have stepped beyond the parameters of mid-twenties and are feeling the slight pull of gravity), a half way cup, then pure heavenly lace with a nice satin bow in the middle.

I didn’t buy the matching panties as they hardly had any backing and fear of wedgies continues to haunt me. I did buy matching camisoles, however, to spice up the evening once the kids were asleep and I had enough energy to be put to bed by my husband.

As I closed the lingerie bag filled with my old bras, I wondered how fast the years had flown by. I still felt twenty-six in some ways yet older in many other ways. My body had clearly changed from being that of a girl to a seasoned wife and mother. The wear and tear on my bras spoke more about the joys I had been blessed with than about the sorrows.

I couldn’t bring myself to part with them even though they should be thrown away. No one in their right mind donates underwear and I couldn’t bring myself to snip them in the middle and throw them in trash.

Putting the bag back in the storage room, I promised myself that the day I was in a more practical mood I would go through the bag again and remove the bits of lace which no longer served any purpose besides making me nostalgic and taking up space that could be better used by the clothes my kids outgrow.

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  • They’re still awesome, I believe;)

  • Subjective thinking, I say

  • I have some experience in the field if you want a more objective view… 😉

  • Lol I’d be more interested in knowing about your own experiences 😉

  • That would take a while, and a few Jack Daniels and Coke would be needed first!

  • Honey, when you get to 40DD, we’ll talk. Two babies, breastfeeding, and weightloss (and gain and loss) did nothing to noticeably decrease their size after the second child.

    Hang on to the bras that make you feel comfortable. If you happen to find some that fit well, are comfy, and have the money to buy them…get them!

    I used to be able to get some great bras at Mervyn’s and then they discontinued the line. Now, Lane Bryant is about the only place that carries bras that fit properly. Of course, they keep changing their line every year and I struggle to find more of the ones I really like. So, don’t make the same mistake I have – buy as many as you can when you find the ones you like!

    And, you know, if Aaman says your breasts are awesome, enjoy!

  • Joanie, thanks for the practical tip. Not only do I have bras of varying sizes but clothes too. I’ve given away the ones that belonged to my skinner days, others are hanging in the closet gathering dust.

    I’m hoping and praying that some day soon I’ll fit in them without bulging or holding my breath;)