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Boone rocks like madman

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No More Mr Nice Guy
Pat Boone


Pat Boone and a big band doing metal covers? Well the arrangements work and Boone turns a bunch of metal classics into enjoyable romps. Much more than just a novelty album, this CD shows just how versitile Boone is as an artist. He takes these tracks and makes them his own, ranging from Judas Priest to Alice Cooper (the title track). While most albums like this are good for a laugh once and a while, this one is good enough for frequent spins. The liner notes on how the album came about are an amusing read. He was amazed to have rockers falling over themselves to work with him on this album. It’s too bad that some of Boone’s Christian fans had a coronary over this album, causing him to be suspended from his show on CBN. It would be great to think that there might be a sequel and maybe even a tour.

Marty: 4

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  • The Theory

    mmmm…. Pat Boone…


  • uglyamerican

    PHONY, OPPORTUNIST, SCUM BAG! A supposed Christian, who sells out his supposed beliefs in a desperate and weak attempt at crossing over to a younger, hipper audience. This kind of thing can be funny if done well, like SUM 41’s metal parodies, ’cause you can tell they love the metal. But this patronizing, sleazy old geezer makes my skin crawl. Go back to wetting the blue hairs’ britches, you mutant hypocrite.

  • The uglyamerican needs to calm down. Mr. Boone may not be the greatest musician in pop music history, but he has done absolutely nothing to call for this abusive rant. The uglyamerican is being, as Hannibal Lector would say, unspeakably rude.

    And how was this album a sellout of Boone’s Christianity? There are no advocations of drug use or sexual promiscuity in the songs he performed, or the ways that he presented them. Indeed, he explained the project as partly an attempt at Christian outreach to rock fans, which seems reasonable- however unlikely it may be to succeed.