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“Read any good games lately?”

That’s how the website for this new game starts out.

It’s a family game that combines strategic and competitive play with modern literary information.

“Designed for readers, book collectors, their friends and family.”

Because the casual reader questions are opinion-based and have no wrong answers anyone – including children and non-readers – can play.

Sample questions:

“Name a book you would not allow into your home under any circumstance.”

“Do you think characters ever surprise the authors who created them?”

Available at stores across the country, or you can order it online.

Jacqueline Blais wrote a nice story about the game for this past Wednesday’s USA Today.

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  • Sounds like Scruples, and fun. Thanks for the reference

  • At last! A game I could win!

    Thanks for this – I think I will add it to the families’ shelf of holiday games, with other games we only play when all of us get together. Since my spouse and in-laws are all bookish too, it will be perfect.