Monday , October 23 2017
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Interview: Dr. Rovenia M. Brock (Dr. Ro), Author of ‘Lose Your Final 15: Dr. Ro’s Plan to Eat 15 Servings a Day & Lose 15 Pounds at a Time’

Breaking weight loss down by the numbers, Dr. Ro (Rovenia M Brock) has a winning formula in her new book, 'Lose the Final 15.' An interview with the renowned nutrition coach of Dr. Oz and The View fame.

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Book Review: ‘Lose Your Final 15: Dr. Ro’s Plan to Eat 15 Servings a Day & Lose 15 Pounds at a Time,’ by Dr. Rovenia M. Brock

'Lose Your Final 15' is revolutionary new book on weight loss by Dr. Rovenia M. Brock, the famed nutritionist who helped Sherri Shepherd ('The View') drop over 40 pounds, and has coached a whopping 5 million pounds off countless others.

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Book Review: ‘Assassin’s Creed: Heresy,’ Historical Fiction by Christie Golden

In 'Assassin's Creed: Heresy' by Christie Golden we are taken into the past in the most interesting of ways. Using technology to connect both the past and present, Golden gives us a riveting story behind the legend of Joan of Arc.

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Book Review: ‘Leaving Blythe River’, A Coming of Age Novel by Catherine Ryan Hyde

In 'Leaving Blythe River' by Catherine Ryan Hyde, we meet Ethan Underwood, a 17-year-old who has been unable to come to terms with his parents divorce. He is small for his age afraid of almost everything.

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Interview: Emily Jeanne Miller, Author of ‘The News From the End of the World’

Interview with Emily Jeanne Miller, author of 'The News From the End of The World': "I’ve always found family dynamics endlessly interesting: Every family is different, and yet there are so many things from family to family that makes us all the same."

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