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Books can heal a worried mind.

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Everyone dreams of good health and happiness at work and at home with our dear families. But most of the time, the good things of life we are looking for, never come our way. Some people have had such a rough life from their infancy that psychologically they are trying to build their lives anew without any success. Some are victims of rape and many others victims of child abuse.

Imagine, what it is like at the moment, for the families of the victims of the 11th September atrocity. Imagine the condition of children who prematurely become orphans due to war and ethnic conlicts.

Life is said to be a delicate balance between planned activities and unexpected circumstances – as individuals we are bound to meet problems in our daily lives. It is at this point one has to stand firm, physically and spiritually, to overcome our problems. Drug abuse and committing suicide aren’t the answer.

Whatever unpleasant situation one has passed through, reading interesting books can help us shape our lives to a positive future by pushing all those problems behind us. Life is precious. Happiness doesn’t come on its own. It’s our duty to create a happy world for ourselves and our children.

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  • Eric Olsen

    Empathetic wisdom very easy to forget in our fast-paced lives. I don’t read enough books because I am always reading news and current events and the like – I need to get back to literature. Thanks Joel.

  • Good literature can feed the soul.