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bookofjoe bigger than U2? Google says so

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A relatively recent addition to the bookofjoe bandwagon just sent me a fascinating Google tool which lets you find out the absolute number of pages that are linking to a given URL.

He said, “Just go to their homepage and type: Link:http://siteaddresshere and it’ll cough up the answer in a jiffy.”

He sent me the results of his experiments; here they are:

Google: 3,030,000 (probably includes all the “Ads by Google” links running in Google-served ads around the Internet)

Yahoo: 581,000
CNET: 403,000
Amazon: 255,000
eBay: 241,000
Wikiepedia: 139,000
CNN: 129,000

Scripting.com: 40,200
bookofjoe: 4,380
AlwaysOn: 4,210
U2 official band site: 3,880
Homestore.com: 2,000
Doubleclick: 1,690

Kleiner Perkins: 371
TED: 187
NEA: 170
Sequoia: 154
Palomar Ventures: 20

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  • In Webmaster circles, it’s well-known that Google does not show all the links it knows about when you use the link: command. AllTheWeb.com is a better tool to use for checking backlinks (use the same command, link:) or just do a web search for “link popularity tool” and you’ll find many better options than using Google to determine a site’s link popularity.

  • I use this site on my blog – wholinkstome.com – you can put that on your blog as well – somewhat more interesting – if occassionally wierd results – it provides info for Blogrolling,google, yahoo, msn and Alexa rank, whatever that means. MSN Search currently return -1 – perhaps because of the new search engine.

    It works through a referral link from your site, so it needs to be added to your template for it to work correctly.

  • For blogcritics, the results from that link:

    WhoLinksToMe.com has found 375 links to this site.
    Blogrolling.com has found 177 blogrolls that contain this link.
    Google has found 17,900 links to this site.
    Yahoo! has found 112,000 links to this site.
    MSN Search has found -1 links to this site.
    The Alexa Traffic Rank is 25,104 for this domain.

    Very cool

  • Woo hoo! I’m bigger than U2 too!

    But seriously, people like to link to blogs because they update fairly regularly, whereas band sites can stay moribund in the long periods between album releases / concert tour dates….

  • As far as I can tell the Google thing doesn’t work at all for any address, including blogcritics. It sends me to some german site which produces no results at all. What’s up with that?