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BookBook Review: Natural Life Magazine’s Green and Healthy Homes by Wendy Priesnitz

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Green and Healthy Homes, Natural Life Magazine’s newest book by writer and editor Wendy Priesnitz, guides you through all the steps you can take to make your house more ecologically sound and therefor healthier.

The book takes you on a tour along the most polluting things around your house, cites the latest studies on their health hazards, and offers options to avoid all these toxins and hazardous chemicals.

From cleaning to gardening to construction, the author leaves no stone unturned to green up your house. She discusses pro’s and cons of alternatives and the environmental impact of their production process, transportation and much more. The book does not dwell on theory alone, but offers real practical tips you can readily apply at your home.

Offering ideas for small changes to drastic improvements, this book is a real recommendation for anyone who wants sounder air and a smaller ecological impact.

The book is mostly aimed at homeowners, since a lot of attention goes to construction material and renovation, but there are quite some tips for people who live in a rental. For people who are well read on the subject, there are still lots of new and refreshing ideas (like the use of window quilts to insulate your windows, or the application of rooftop gardens).

Priesnitz’ writing never lets down, and like her many articles and blogs, this book too is very well written and reads fluently. The only downside for me was the books is obviously targeted at an American audience, which makes some things irrelevant to readers from other territories. However, the baseline of the book is appealing for all audiences.

You can purchase a copy of this book by visiting Natural Life Books, where Green and Healthy Homes is available in softcover as well as in e-book.

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