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Book Reviews: The Secretary Romance Heroine

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Personal assistants, secretaries, and those who work in administrative support roles are frequently seen in romance books. This is no surprise since romance fiction reflects what goes on in today’s society. Currently there are over four million secretaries and another nine million people working in some administrative support capacity in the United States. Also, considering how much time one spends at work, it’s common for people to have met their partner or spouse in the workplace. Studies suggest that 40% of workers have had an office romance.

In honor of Administrative Professional Week, here are three smart, sassy and secretarial heroines who have met their match in the office:

Author Victoria Dahl plays with the secretary stereotype in Lead Me On. Jane is a former bad girl who has cultivated the image of a prim and strait-laced office manager. Jane works hard to maintain the image but has a secret attraction for earthy, tattooed, and inappropriate men. Men like William. Jane wants a one-night stand, but he isn’t ready to be cast off just yet. This story is a great red-hot read about a bad girl who desperately wants to be respected and valued. Jane’s journey to accept her past is a fascinating story.

The Secretary’s Bossman Bargain by Red Garnier is about what happens when business is mixed with pleasure. Virginia has secretly longed for Marcos, her boss, and now she must accompany him on a business trip. Only this time she must pretend to be his lover. It doesn’t take long for the pretense to become all too real. Don’t read this provocative book on your lunch break — you will find it difficult to put down this incredibly sensual love story.

In Nothing But Trouble by Rachel Gibson, Chelsea is an out-of-work actress and former personal assistant to Hollywood celebrities. Now she is an assistant to Mark, a hockey superstar who is recovering from a career-ending accident. It is hate at first sight for Mark and Chelsea, but what they really hate is how their dreams have crashed and burned. This sexy romance is about two people who gradually lower their defenses and learn to rely on each other.

Pick up one of these books to kick back and relax after a hard day at work.

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