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Book Reviews: The Adventures of Rodger Dodger Dog, The Series by Jan Britland

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Jan Britland has written three books in the Adventures of Rodger Dodger Series. Each of them has an important message for kids. Each book is written in rhyme and has action-packed illustrations that will get kids of all ages interested in the story.

A Christmas Story is about Rodger’s first Christmas with his pals. They pick out their first Christmas tree. After decorating the tree with ornaments and opening presents, like most people on Christmas morning, they come to an important realization. The best gifts are friends and family. What a great message for kids.

Rodger Saves Bunny is a story about Rodger who finds a bunny who has passed out in the woods. He decides to help bunny by taking him back home to make sure that he gets better. When bunny wakes up, he realizes he is terrified of Rodger Dodger Dog. Rodger learns an important lesson from Bunny. This is another important book for kids that contains important lessons about friendship within the story.

Rodger Meets Dr. Glee is another enchanting story for kids. It is about Rodger who wakes up one day and isn’t feeling well. His tongue feels large and his head is small. His tummy is off, and his brain is fuzzy.Then his hearing goes too!  Oh no!  What’s wrong with Rodger Dodger Dog? To find out, his friends take him to the zoo to see Dr. Glee. Does Dr. Glee find a solution to Rodger Dodger’s illness?

I commend Jan Britland on writing such a cute and informative series of books for kids. Kids of all ages from three and up to 12 will enjoy these books. The kids will be transformed by the vivid and colourful illustrations in each of these books. After reading these books, all children will want to meet a dog like Rodger Dodger

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