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Book Review: You Can’t Outsource Weight Loss by Ed Boullianne, Ida Halasz and Karla Hills

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You Can’t Outsource Weight Loss . . . But You Can Lose Weight and Be Thin Forever is a wonderful book on a topic that is dear to all of our hearts. Wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t ever have to be on a crash diet again, and yet can be thin forever? But there is even more good news for the reader of this book — in it, we will learn some of the tools that we need not only to take off our weight but to keep it off for the rest of our lives.

The author wrote this book from personal experience. He was once overweight. And like most of us, he tried every known weight loss program to lose weight that is out there. He would lose some of his weight and then put the weight back on. And he did this many times until he realized that no one pill or delivered meal will ever ensure permanent weight. That is when, through trial and error, he came up with the five basic truths of weight loss that are contained in this book.

The five basic truths are down to earth and commonsensical. They will show the reader how to not only lose weight, but keep it off forever. The five basic truths tell us we should strive to never be hungry, develop lifestyle changes that we can maintain forever, listen to our bodies, don’t practice self-denial, and exercise as much as possible. If we follow these basic truths, we will lose the weight and keep it off.

The author’s basic message is that we have to aim for long-term life changes in our lives in order to lose weight and keep it off. If we only make temporary changes, they won’t keep us sufficiently motivated to keep with the diet over the long haul. By following these truths, the author has lost 35 pounds and has kept them off for years. And we can too after reading this book and following his five basic truths.

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