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Book Review: World of Ryyah: Unlikely Alliance: Book Two in The Elven Age Saga by H. L. Watson

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The World of Ryyah: Unlikely Alliance by H. L. Watson is the second book in The Elven Age Saga series. Following “Birth of the Half Elves,” the epic tale picks up after the human Donovan’s death. His widow Brandela must lead both humans and elves to a place where they can settle safely. This journey lasts for many, many years. Donovan and Brandela’s twins grow up and demonstrate both human and elf characteristics and capabilities. Along the way, they also align themselves with skillful dwarves and learn how to domesticate savage beasts.

The first place that the people settle is near where Donovan fell. As time passes it is clear that this is not a secure place, especially when slavers find them and recognize their value. As they move on, they finally find a place where they can build a new legacy. Initially, their greatest threat comes from trolls. While not too hard to outwit, the people still have to defend themselves. In doing so, the group learns to perfect both their magic and their weapons. The industrious dwarves prove themselves to be a great help in both building their new city and with designing weapons.

Since the elves age at a much slower rate than humans, losing loved ones is very painful. The human life is very short compared to the elves. Fortunately, the mixed breeds seem to fall somewhere in the middle. During this period, Brandela’s presence is discovered by her father who leads the Western Wood Elves. While her mother is happy to hear that she is still alive, her father considers her to be an abomination because of her interaction with the humans. He wants them all destroyed. This leads the people of the House of Donovan to be exposed, and it also brings on war and the need to develop new alliances that will have a profound impact on the future of the people.

Once again, I totally found myself caught up in the world of Ryyah. In The World of Ryyah: Unlikely Alliance by H. L. Watson, I enjoyed catching up with the people that were introduced in the first book and discovering what fate held in store for them. While it is not necessary to read the first book to enjoy the second, I feel that it is very helpful to do so. I look forward to future books in this series, so that I can see where the adventure continues.

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