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Book Review: Words and Graphics: A Collection of Works by C.O.B.

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Words & Graphics is an extremely simple title for a complex collection of writings which includes poems, dialogues, short stories, statements, and plays. There are also artistic images that contribute greatly to this novel. Some of the writings make brief and blunt statements; others are more in-depth and incredibly descriptive considering that they don’t take up many pages. The author also includes H.O.T.D. entries — or “Highlights of the Day.” These are interspersed throughout the book and they focus on brutally honest and, at times, disturbing observances made by an employee regarding his day at work. I really enjoyed reading these because sometimes I feel the same way.

Every important aspect of life is included in these writings. This includes parenting, religion, love, loss, and death. Nothing is simple or joyful, yet the complexity of the writings left me with some very intense feelings. I also appreciated that the short stories and the screenplay left me wanting more. While this might sound negative, it is actually positive because I wanted to be able to sink myself further into what the characters were experiencing. I admire the author for being able to draw me in and quickly connect me to the characters in the stories. The artistic works also added a visual connection to the writings. They can also be enjoyed on their own. Each one is unique and also made me pause to ponder them.

The author notes that it took 10 years to create Words & Graphics I totally enjoyed every page and highly recommend it. Readers will enjoy the uniqueness of how the works are presented and appreciate having the opportunity to get their hands on something different. This book would also make an excellent gift for the person who has everything!

(Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views)

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