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Book Review: Wine Drinking For Inspired Thinking: Uncork Your Creative Juices by Michael J Gelb

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Aristophanes, the Greek playwright of the fifth century, apparently said (or wrote): "Quickly, bring me a beaker of wine, so that I may wet my mind and say something clever." Well, I consumed a couple of glasses just a pissing-while ago, so we'll see if the old Greek guy was right.

Michael J. Gelb is the author of an international bestseller How To Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci. I've never read it, sorry, but based on his book Wine Drinking For Inspired Thinking it's probably worth reading. He fancies himself a modern day Renaissance man and wants to help release the inner creativity, the inner Da Vinci, the inner Renaissance Man that lurks within us all. And wine is the key.

Indeed, a portion of this book (and apparently Gelb's career) is on how to bring a group of people together — whether they be colleagues or acquaintances — to work in unison and harmony through the enjoyment of wine. After a glass or two, Gelb can get a group of people to write silly or sensuous poetry and then to actually read it to each other and enjoy it. This allows team members to see the creative sides of each other and such. It's a team building deal. Gelb recommends this same "wine and poetry" therapy to to increase your own personal joie de vivre.

Thus, he wrote Wine Drinking For Inspired Thinking to educate all of us about wine and its splendiferous benefits. The book is sectioned into four parts. The first is designed to impart some essential basics on wines and outlines Mr Gelb's techniques on tasting, buying and pairing the right wine with the right food. He provides some appropriate acronyms to assist in seeking wine, named the TIPSY guide to selection and the WINO techniques for dinner. Part Two examines the historical context of wine, and Part Three applies some of that historical information to the modern world. Part Four is full of resources for enthusiasts and novices alike.

My favorite part was the questions he uses to help him review a wine. I'll use some of these to complete this review.

How do I experience this book? – With my eyes, since it is a print publication.

How does it make me feel? What emotions does it evoke? – The desire to drink more and better wine. It makes me want to tap into the latent creativity that is locked away in the linguistic hugger-mugger of my brain.

What music does it bring to mind? – Improvisational jazz, with a touch of blues, heavy on the sax and drums with impeccable groove.

If this book were a painting, who would be the artist? – I'm going to go with Da Vinci. There's more to it than what you catch at first glance.

If this book was a kiss from a celebrity, who would it be? – Angelina Jolie, just 'cause

If this book were a movie, who would be its director? – Christopher Nolan; Gelb has taken info that might seem familiar and made it fresh

This is a well organized, well researched book written with conviction and an obvious desire to assist people to learn what it really means to be human.  Oh, and by the way, beer will work just as well.

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About Gray Hunter

  • I wonder if it’s more “wine drinking for inspired listening”? We all find our friends much more intelligent and funny after we’ve had a couple of glasses of wine. Or beer. Or whiskys. Thanks for the review!

  • Gray Hunter

    Very insightful, Kate. Thanks for reading!

  • Effie Starr

    No offense, but screw that. After I get a couple drinks in me I suddenly realize how much everything and everyone suck, and I can’t finish a paragraph without putting my fist through the monitor.

  • Dear Effie: Remind me not to have a few after work with you!

  • Gray Hunter

    Effie, perhaps you’re drinking the wrong drink. Of course, maybe you also need to address some, uh, anger issues. Perhaps wine can help that.

  • Vernon DeFlanders

    I don’t know about drinking wine to get insired…thats when I get lost. My inspristion comes to me in the shower.

  • Gray Hunter

    Vernon, a shower can be a very creative spot. Thus, I try to drink while I’m in the shower, doubling my chances for inspiration. Alas, I do not have a notebook with me and generally forget my brilliance shortly afterward.