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Book Review: Wicked: Witch & Curse by Nancy Holder & Debbie Viguie

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In the young adult fantasy series Wicked special edition books, published exclusively for Barnes and Noble, you get two books for the very reasonable price of one. The first, Wicked, includes the novels Witch, first published in 2002, and Curse, published in 2003. Wicked 2 includes Legacy and Spellbound, both published in 2003.

The Wicked series is about Holly, Nicole, and Amanda as each girl discovers their witch family heritage. Through the books you see their loves, struggles with the forces of good and evil, and watch as they transform into powerful witches.

In Witch you meet Holly Cathers, a normal high school student who is on white water-rafting vacation with her parents and best friend. When these three are killed in an accident, Holly goes to live with her Dad’s sister. Holly has never heard anything of her aunt, her parents never speaking of that side of the family tree.

Holly moves from her family home in San Francisco to her aunt’s home in Seattle, where she meets her cousins Nicole and Amanda. Holly soon realizes that her beautiful Aunt Marie-Claire and willful cousin Nicole are the stars of the family, with her Uncle Richard and cousin Amanda in the supporting roles. But with Holly’s arrival everything begins to balance out.

The three girls soon learn a little of their family history. The old Cathers family name was Cahors, an ancient witching family, but it was changed when the last of the line fled to America. Soon they are practicing magic, at first small blessings, but quickly moving on to defensive spells.

Meanwhile. Michael Deveraux, a prominent warlock, is planning the downfall of the young Cathers witches. For centuries the two families have been locked in a blood feud. Michael is determined to end it with the death of every Cathers witch.

Michael has pushed his son Eli into dating Nicole to get closer to the family. His other son, Jer, has refused to become involved in the evil that his brother and father have made their lives. He soon realizes that the Cathers’ women are in trouble and forms a rebel coven to try and protect them.

When Holly and Jer finally meet they discover that they have a connection that is beyond time. But the question is whether it will save them or kill them. Holly, Nicole, and Amanda form their own coven since they are unsure if Jer is really on their side.

Witch moves you along quickly, hitting all the high points, and rushing you toward the big battle at the end. Once there I was a little disappointed that it didn’t carry the emotional impact I wanted. But since we all know this isn’t the end I turned the page and started the next book.

Curse picks up exactly one year after the death of Holly’s parents and best friend. In that short period of time Holly’s life has changed completely. She is now the Coven Mother of her small group, wearing the heavy burden as best she can but starting to crack with the stress.

Nicole has fled the country, scared of the power that has been awakened and weakened by the death of her mother. Holly and Amanda, while still powerful, are destabilized by her absence as well as devastated by her desertion.

The Cathers still have not defeated the Deveraux and neither side has given up the battle. Michael is still determined to wipe the earth clean of them while Holly is just desperate to survive his ever present malice.

Holly also learns more of the Cahors family history. Her ancestor Isabeau was married to Jer’s ancestor Jean and the two ghosts are using their living relatives to get closer to each other. Since the two families are so magically powerful when they are joined their magic surpasses all others. Isabeau and Jean’s marriage centuries before ended badly and now both ghosts are pushing their descendants toward the end they wished for themselves.

Holly is struggling to keep control of herself as Isabeau pushes her forward. With her small coven in constant danger, death always waiting around the next corner, she makes a sacrifice that darkens her soul and sets her on a path she might not be able to leave.

Nicole meanwhile is in Europe being chased by the minions of Michael Deveraux when she meets a small white coven made up of male witches. They practice white magic mixing it with Catholicism and realize immediately the horrible danger she is in. Without questions they ask her to join their coven and the accept the protection it offers. Thankfully Nicole does and they begin to run together.

But the darkness is not far behind. Michael has gone to the Supreme Coven of warlocks based in London and offered them his allegiance. Soon they have caught up with Nicole, capturing her and bringing her back as a bride of the coven leader’s son to London.

Back in Seattle a witch from the Mother Coven, those who appose the Supreme Coven, has shown up with the offer of help. Holly is bitter that they have waited for so long to make that offer. Already she has lost two coven members to Michael and is preparing for another huge battle.

This battle was much better. Holly calls all of her ancestors together to fight the ancestors that Michael has called. But to do so she must give up a little more of herself, she must harden her heart, and accept more of the dark which she is fighting so hard to defeat.

Overall the writing was fair. There could have been more detail. I felt like some of the high points and danger were glossed over, emotions barely hinted at in both Witch and Curse. That might have been because this book is geared towards a younger crowd. But both books move forward quickly in a fairly engrossing story with a few twists thrown in to keep you guessing.

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  • stacy

    oh my god i love your books i really hope you’ll write more, i cant wait to know what happens to nicoles baby, who the father is, who really is this alex person, and what will be come of holly, will she chose suposedly alex? or will jer come to his senses?

  • kellsie

    omg i loved ur books they are fantastic job

  • Bookwrm

    All four of the books from the Wicked series are amazing. They are now in my top five favorite books ever. Although the way you left the last book leaves me thinking there will be another one. If not i would be really upset because there are so many loose ends to tie. For instance, when ann louise finds out that Alex is not really Alex. and what about Nicoles child? please, please write a third book.

  • crazyreader

    Your books are amazing! there is such a great plot and the books have feeling and depth. i really hope you write a third one so we can find out what happens to Alex and Holly, and what about Nicole’s baby? anyway, youre books are awesome

  • emg

    i just finished spellbond and all i can say is there is no way im believing it ends like that. please say your continuing the series and the next book will be out soon. JER AND HOLLY

  • Cassandra

    great books! please, write more!

  • intelligent_young_mind

    Well, not to be critical or anything, but I ended come across 5 or 6 mistakes within the book Wicked: Witch and Curse. Unintentionally of course. Other than those few mistakes within the first half of the book, I enjoyed it very much.

  • Jennifer

    I love the Books I want to know who alex is because at the end of the last book it states that is not alex. I want to know what comes of everyone and what michael will do with holly in tharll to him and how are they going to get holly out of thrall

  • I really love your books and I hope your write more about this one topic and have the first and second books and I was wondering if there is going to be a thrid and fourth? well ttyl lylas

  • Bri

    I love your books i hope you write more!

  • Allison

    Gosh!!!! I lurved your wicked series! Theres gotta be a book after spellbound! Pleasssssse! Im begging you! Right another!!!! 🙂

  • Cassie

    This is the best books ever i really want 2 kno if Jer comes 2 his sences and who this Alex guy really is!!

  • Isilme

    I absolutely loved the books. Just finished spellbound last night actally. Kind of disappointed in how it ended though, unless there is another book on the way. Too many open ends for the entire series to have ended that way.

  • I LUV the series Wicked. its like one of the best series ive ever read. I think you should really write some more. PLEASE!!! there are so many things that have to be answered.

  • Paige

    I love this series a lot. And I just finished Spellbound last night, actually, and today i went in search for the next one, to fine you hadn’t written one! I was so disappointed, so I really hope you do write another. I want to know whose baby Nicole’s was because I didn’t think you made that very clear. And I would also like to know who Alex was, and I would really like to have Jer and Holly together.

  • Pynk

    I just finished Spellbound, and my heart is racing. I came online to see if there was a Book 3, so I’m sure you can imagine my horror at the fact that there isnt.
    Who is Nicole’s “baby-daddy”?
    Since Michael is dead, Holly isn’t in thrall to him anymore, is she?
    Is Holly really going to take off with Alex?
    WHO IS ALEX?????
    Is Isabeau still in Holly? Is she going to let Holly give up on Jer? Is Jean going to let Jer give Holly up to Alex?
    Why didn’t Isabeau recognize that Alex wasn’t who he said he was?

  • gavinmorningstar

    You didn’t write these books. Obviously I’m the only one that read that this was written by a Mrs. McNeill. NOT Nancy Holder OR Debbie Viguie. While I agree they’re both FANTASTIC books, I wish more people knew how to SEE what they read. OI!

  • rachel

    i loved the books but u have to at least make a 5 wicked novel or else there will be too many questions and i think that is not the way you should end a series

  • I love the wicked books. They were awesome but left me thinking a little.Here is a link where you can share videos,pictures and ideas you can also vote for it. (check the URL)

  • Lauren

    I love the books. I’ve read them multiple times, but I always get mad at the end of spellbound. PLEASE make another book!!!

  • Shanequa

    These were fantastic books!! i hope more is written…there is still so many questions to answer

  • Nick

    OMG! I love Wicked! But I mad at the end of Spellbound when the whole ending just dropped, please don’t have Eli really be dead! He just took a stab in the shoulder, just brush it off 🙂 I hope he is the father of Nicole’s baby! GO ELI! lol When is the next book coming out? The others are great, but I want to know what happens next! ^_^

  • mc

    not to be mean gavinmorningstar but if you look closer Mrs. McNeill wrote the book review. nancy holder and debbie viguie did infact write the books. :]]

  • PJ

    I just finished Wicked: Witch & Curse. Wow! What a great series. Now I have to find Wicked 2: Legacy & Spellbound. BUT I see all of the other pleas to tie up loose ends from Spellbound and write a 5th book to the series.

    Let me add my voice to these requests. How could you leave so many fans hanging like this??? Of course, you should know the power of 5, and the importance of completing this series.

    Sign me,
    A new fan of the Wicked series

  • Rebecca

    gavinmornigstar you are awesome. mc, if YOU look closer, gavinmorningstar meant that everyone who posted before him was talking TO nancy and debbie, who probably aren’t going to read this.

    also, i loved wicked! i hope they finish writing the next books soon.

  • We’ve heard all the pleas from the fans and we are hoping to be able to release a fifth book which will answer all the questions people have. Keep your fingers crossed!

  • Vissionaerie

    to the post above me…Ms.Debbie…..

  • debbie

    omg i can not believe there is not a third book. i just finished spellbound and that is exactly what i am. i just read the comments of all the things we are all thinking and no ones mentioned sasha. what the heck happened to her. ok ladies do what you gotta do to get this book out there.

  • Nick

    Horray! Thank u Debbie! I’m really looking forward to the next book! Please let Eli live! ^.^ Is there any specific time period of when this book will come out?

  • keke

    OMG! I love the bookes! They r amazing. i couldnt stop reading them. i hope there is another, and if there is please have a GREAT ending cause every book i read the endings are really bad, and PLEASE let Holly and Jer be together like they’re suppose to. So yeah, please write another one cause you cant just end a book like that with so many questions unanswered

  • anonymous

    i LOVE these books
    but please please please wirte a fifth one
    there are WAY too many loose ends

  • geegee

    Ok, I have to say, I love the books. I read all the books (1 and 2) they ROCK!! But I have to say, how long does it take to write a book? 1 year? 2? And when did the last book come out? Either 2003 or 2005. It’s 2008 NOW. I mean, seriously. I don’t mean to be harsh but HURRY UP ALREADY AND WRITE THE LAST BOOK!!! I’m going crazy about what will happen next. Authors can’t just leave their fans waiting like that, reluctant editor or not.

  • amber

    i loved you book and can not wait to read the next one.

  • Renee

    Please, please write another book and soon. The other ones were soooooo great, but the ending really left it hanging. I can’t wait until the next book.

  • Hello, I’m so glad you like our work! The answer is YES, there WILL be a third book!


  • 34

    what will be the name of the 3rd book?

  • colleen

    When will the third book come out?????? I absolotly LOVE these books.

  • ashley

    omg i just finished spellbound about 2 minutes ago and i am very upset that at this moment there is not a fifth book!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I HAVE GOT TO NO WHAT HAPPENS TO EVERYONE! please please please please please please please please please please write a fifth book ladies!

  • alice678

    This is seriously one of my favorite books of all time. Really. Though is that so hard to believe?
    I would so like to kill whoever stopped the series.

    Also, I noticed a lot of you posted questions. But no one has asked whether Eli will live or not… *cries*


  • Tourist

    This book is driving me insane. I have to know what happens next! Please please hurry!

  • cr


  • aa

    omg PLEASE add a new book! im dying to find out what happens!! Does anyone know when the next one comes out????

  • Megan

    Wow I just finished Wicked: Spellbound. These books are AMAZING and I need to know what happens! And who Alex Curruthers really is…. PLEASE HURRY!

  • marsayus

    i love your books, if there isn’t going to be another one i’ll be so pissed! please!!!!!
    How could you leave all your readers hanging like that?

  • angela

    I LOVE THESE BOOKS!!!!!! I am in agony waiting for the next ones. I loved them so much that some people actually read them to see why I was sooo crazy about them–they ended up going crazy too. hee hee. see what happens when u write wonderful books…Okay. write more. –angela

  • nana

    please write a 5th book! there r sooooo many questions not answered. its barely finished! u need to write another one

  • Elphaba

    Please write another book!!!!!!! I loved your series so much and am recommending it to all my friends. I was so mad at the ending of spellbound when i found out that there was nothing else. Who is Nicole’s child’s father? I need to know!
    Also, I would like to say that the ending where all the bad guys killed each other was pretty awesome, (although I had hoped Eli and James would suffer a bloodier death. Like a battle to the death over Nicole!) SERIOUSLY, AM I THE ONLY PERSON WHO WANTS PHILIPPE AND NICOLE TO BE TOGETHER?!?!?!

  • Isabel E.

    Alright.. I read the books like a while ago… and like the ending to the last is like totally gay. You can’t leave people hangin like that…like so uncool…PLzzzzzzzz write more….its like having your favorite tv series stop out of the blue and not noing wat happens. Its the not noing part that really kills everyone..so i think that you owe it to your fans to keep writing..you have all our support….We want to know…scratch that… we NEED to know what happens….its like having a memory problem and not know wat happened….PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  • MaryAnn Whitehead

    Please let the book come soon. My daughter and I have both just discovered your amazing talents and are lost without knowing how this will end.

  • AShley

    There will be a new book coming out summer 2009

  • Paula

    i just finished spellbound ten minutes ago and all i have to say is : i need book three now!
    i heard that it comes out next summer but i can’t wait that long!!!!!!!

  • bella

    omg i just finished the 4th book and i LOVED it and i so hope that holly and jer will get together. i knew through the whole book that alex was bad. i sooooooooooo hope that you will make another book because i have no idea what is going to happen but until you do i am just going to write my own ending to the book! ,

  • anna

    i love this book.
    my friend lend the witch & curse at first for a school assignment. i left it alone for awhile, but picked it up. and the 2nd book was read by the next day.
    i think this book is amaaaaazing.
    best book i’ve ever read by far. im not usually into these kind of books. but this book is like i said, amazing. i cannot put it in words. i didn’t like the ending. but who did? they should make a play out of this book, or a movie forsure.
    probly better than twilight!

  • Heather

    DUDES!! you could at least put *spoilers* on the tops of your posts.

  • colleen17

    hi, ive never read these books before but by the sounds of the comments i think i will start to read them. where do think i could by them?

  • Rosalie

    OMG love the bookz but there is a lot of gore kinda gross but the rest is golden but I LOVE ELI!!! I hope he is Nicole’s baby’s dad and resurection comes out July 19th 09 omg can’t wait!

  • anonoymous

    I love wicked way better than twilight

  • WB

    Wicked, Witch & Curse was so tedious I could barely force myself to read it. The premise of the plot was good, yet these authors know little or nothing about plot,pacing,characterization,climax, or any writing device which would make a reader unable to put down their book.I’m throwing my copy in the trash,something I’ve never done before.WB

  • Jessica Azufra

    it is so great!! i finished the entire book in just 2 days!! the story will really run inside your mind after you read it!! i really felt the emotions in the story.. i hope there will be more books to come and i cant wait to read the last edi!!!

  • Sydney Nicole

    🙂 Read ’em and you’ll love ’em!

  • ‘Ny

    Screw Twilight. GIve me these books any day at least the characters here aren’t Mary Sue morons who need to go kill themselves.

  • Madeline

    I loved witch and curse soo much!! i can wait to read the other half of the series!!

  • laol

    This book is weird and confusing

  • beth123

    it really annoyed me how we were left hanging. i will be terribly depressed if you dont write another one soon because i want to figure out what happens. i just finished these books not even 5 min. ago and i came straight here to see if there was another book.

  • Roxy

    I love wicked. But in the end of witch I thought Jer deid.I was so giad he did’nt die.