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Book Review: Why We Get Fat and What to Do About It by Gary Taubes

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Gary Taubes’ book is a wonderful contribution to the literature on how to avoid obesity. This book is very necessary during these times since we are the most obese people in history. In fact, Taubes believes that we are in the middle of an obesity epidemic. And part of the problem is that we have a flawed belief system or paradigm as to how to lose weight and keep it off.

Even medical doctors are advocating the wrong paradigm to their patients. They believe that in order for their obese patients to lose weight, they must go on a diet and exercise. More precisely, doctors and medical professionals usually advocate that the calories in/calories out paradigm of excess fat is the right way to lose weight. But this is precisely what got us into the obesity problem that we are experiencing in the first place, according to Taubes.

Consider our obesity epidemic. We, as a population, are getting fatter and fatter every year. Fifty years ago, one in eight or nine Americans would be considered obese. Now it is one in every three people. Two in three people are now considered overweight, which means that most of us are carrying around more weight than the public-health authorities think we should be to stay healthy.

So, how can we help ourselves to slim down and to be healthier and not obese? Well, Taubes believes that we have to change our paradigm or way of thinking about weight loss from a calories in/calories out mentality to a different paradigm. Instead of going on a diet and trying to exercise more to shed our excess pounds, we should refrain from eating a lot of unhealthy, high glycemic carbohydrates. High glycemic carbs are anything that has white flour such as pasta, white rice, potatoes, bread, refined sweets, and high glycemic vegetables and fruit.

Reading Taubes’ book has opened my eyes to why we as a population are obese, and the steps that we can take to reduce our weight and become healthier. Imagine being able to do this without dieting or exercising. Imagine realizing that arithmetic alone does not influence weight loss. And imagine being able to have all the knowledge that you need to take the necessary steps to live a healthier life from now on. That is what the readers will be able to get out of Why We Get Fat and What to Do About It. All the reader has to do is to embark on a low carbohydrate diet.

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  • Agree completely with the writer, Gary’s book is a real eye opener and served me well during my studies of evolutionary diets. Indeed it was this publication that helped inspire Katie and I to help as many as we could by forming and naming our organisation. We named our organisation Paleo Works Ltd simply because it does, our slogan is ‘How To diet’ because it is absolutely the way we ought all to eat for optimal health, longevity and avoid not just obesity but all those nasty diseases we have been led to believe are just part of life, cancer, diabetes, heart disease etc. the list goes on and on.
    Thank you for highlighting this book and giving me the opportunity to tell the people of the UK about our service.

    Mike – CEO/Nutritionist (Paleoworks)

  • Hi Mike,

    I’m glad that you enjoyed reading the review.

    I also love this book, and I am bringing it to my doctor to make sure that he reads it and discusses it with his obese patients.

    Take care, and Happy New Year!