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Book Review: Why Do We All Love Dr. Seuss?: Discovering the Mystery and Magic of an Icon by Lois Einhorn, Ph.D.

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Why Do We All Love Dr. Seuss? by Lois Einhorn, Ph.D., provides an interesting and inspiring perspective to the wonderful world of Dr. Seuss! Dr. Einhorn offers her powerful insight into the magical words of Dr. Seuss. I was impressed with the connections she was able to make. Of course, it all seems obvious once she sheds light on those connections, but I know personally I would have missed out on many Seuss life lessons had I not read this book.

Some of the topics Dr. Einhorn includes are natural order, interconnectedness, balance, gratitude, respect, action, play and so much more. The chapter about the universe being one circle reminded me of how life is harmonious and whole. Dr. Einhorn says, “A circle has no borders, boundaries, or blocks, no corners, confines, or crevices… In an open circle everyone belongs.” That is powerful for adults and children alike. What comfort that must bring to young children just discovering the world.

Another chapter that spoke to me was chapter 11, “Gratefulness.” This chapter inspired me and reminded me to be truly grateful for my life, including my troubles. Sometimes simplicity carries great power, and this chapter’s simple reminder served its purpose.

This book is sprinkled with thought-provoking quotes by interesting people, adding to the tidbits of wisdom throughout this book. My next read will be some of the old Dr. Seuss favorites so I can relive childhood joys with new insight. I will keep Lois Einhorn’s Why Do We All Love Dr. Seuss? as a reference for when I need to be reminded of how wonderfully whole our world is!

(Reviewed by Christine Watson for Reader Views)

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  • I recently watched The Lorax with my three-year old daughter and loved it. Dr. Suess really is an interesting and brilliant writer.