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Book Review: Why Do Married Men Cheat with Unattractive Women? by Emunah La-Paz

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Why Do Married Men Cheat With Unattractive Women? is about a topic that is very dear to every woman’s heart: This book focuses on both the male and female perspective on the topic. The author has done 10 years of research surrounding the topic. She has tried to obtain feedback throughout her many interviews. While she was doing her research the case of Judie and her ex caught her attention. So, she began investigating about this topic.

Many times, women choose to stay with unfaithful spouses. This may be because women have low self-esteem or because they simply feel threatened by the beautiful women out there. However, one of the most surprising things that I discovered after reading the book is that men don’t usually cheat on their wives with beautiful women. Instead, men seem to cheat because they feel much more comfortable with the new woman and she makes him feel good about themselves. Men want respect, and they want to be treated special.

Therefore, women and men believe different things about why men cheat. Women believe that their spouses cheat on them because they’re not pretty or successful enough. Men, on the other hand cheat with other women because they don’t feel good enough about themselves, and the new woman makes them feel better about themselves. Some of the women men cheat with are supposedly ugly and fat. So, men don’t really care much about the exterior aspects of a woman as much as women do.

The important take-away message of the book is that if men cheat on their wives, women should move on. It is wrong to stay with spouses who will put up with infidelity of this nature. Even if the male apologizes to his spouse, if a man cheats on his wife once, he’ll cheat again. So, if a woman discovers that her husband’s is unfaithful, she must leave, and let him continue on his lustful ways on his own. The truth is that unfaithful men shouldn’t be married. They should stay single and then they can cater to their lustful ways.

I absolutely enjoyed reading this book. I think it will help women to come to terms with why men cheat and to leave if they discover that they are cheating.

In addition, the book has 40 journaling prompts to explore our feelings about cheating and to examine the ideas that we grew up with about relationships and infidelity. I found out so much about myself while answering these 40 questions. And I’m sure the reader will too.

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  • Hi there,

    I would recommend this book to any spouse who is experiencing the trials and tribulations of an unfaithful spouse.

  • Basil

    i’ll wish to see ur next book about , why marred women cheat on they spouse.

  • Hi Basil,

    Yes, indeed. That would be an important topic. Hopefully the author will consider that topic too.


  • Hope

    Hi Irene,
    Great review. I can relate to this book. It’s a man’s world. Men often make the first move. Once they get married some look for women naive enough to cheat with them. Married men are good at making single women feel wanted. Men want it all. A wife and mistress. It makes them feel powerful.

  • Hi Hope,

    Thanks so much for reading my review. This is an intriguing topic, isn’t it? I know I have been thinking about the topic for a while myself. Who knows, I may write a book about a similar topic in future.

  • Hope

    I like that you review books that reach out to women of all ages. And in this case you have touched on the insecurity of man. You have the gift to search all sides of a topic. All will go well with you regarding any book that you write. I look forward to a good read 🙂

  • Dave

    I found Judie to be physically abusive towards her husband. And yet most men and women feel sorry for her. I have a hard time feeling sorry for a woman who throws hamburgers at her husband and threatens to poke his eyes out with a sharp object. We all know that men are not allowed to behave this way. Men who act this way are often written off as jerks and carried off to jail. However beautiful models are given a free pass to give in to their inner mood swings. This book clearly demonstrates how evil some women can become once they find out that their husband is having an affair. Every man should read this book to just to verify how crazy a woman scorn can become. YIKES!!!

  • Hi Hope,

    Thanks so much for your confidence in me. I do have a LOT to say about this topic. And I review a LOT of books on this topic too. So, keep tuned to the reviews here…

  • Hi Dave,

    I don’t think it is right for either men or women to be physically abusive towards each other. So, you’re right….If you get a chance, I would encourage you to read the book. It is a great read, and you can do a lot of self-exploration about love and relationships.