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Book Review: Who Feels Scared? by Sue Graves

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Our Emotions and Behavior is a new picture book series from Free Spirit Publishing, which help young children recognize and understand their feelings, their actions, and how they are connected. There are four titles in the series: But Why Can’t I?, I’m Not Happy, Not Fair, Won’t Share, and Who Feels Scared? I loved the cute illustrations and I’m so glad to be able to review this book.

It is about Jack who is having Kevin and Ravi, two of his friends staying over his house for the night. In the beginning, the boys were excited but Kevin and Ravi are soon scared by the weird and mysterious sounds in Jack’s room. All sorts of scary thoughts came to their mind.

Jack, who is not afraid, decides to calm his friends down by explaining to them the source of the mysterious sounds and they soon realize they got scared over nothing!

However all three boys get frightened when they hear a really scary noise coming from Jack’s closet. They get so scared that their yells get Jack’s sister, Ellie, rushing in to check on them. They soon realize the noise is coming from Jack’s toy robot!

Ellie then shared her experience on what she feared most and what she did to overcome her fear. Later on, Jack’s dad comes into the room and says it is time for bed.

He reads everyone a scary story, which gets everyone scared again! But then all of them soon remember it was just a story and Jack’s dad calms them down by telling them that everyone gets scared sometimes!

From this story, I get to teach my boy to not be afraid. Ben might be a bit young for this but I feel that it’s never too early to start teaching him that not everything with weird or scary noises are to be feared of.

I appreciated the additional two pages of picture story about the a little boy named Tom who is spending his first night away from home at his grandma’s house. Tom looks worried when his parents leave him but is soon happy again as he gets to spend time playing with his grandma. Before he goes to bed, grandma also tells him a story and ensures he has his teddy bear to cuddle with in bed.

I think this mini story is a good example for us to emulate as I believe assurance from adults to children are very important in ensuring they do not get frightened easily or gave in to scary thoughts over silly things.

In my opinion, this series is a good choice for parents to use with their children because of the positive messages they bring.

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