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Book Review: Where Women Cook: Celebrate! by Jo Packham

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I absolutely love reading about food bloggers and chefs. I love to watch them on television. I love reading their recipes and I love trying out a few of them as well. I’m sure that I’ll never actually get to meet any of these famous cooks or get up close and personal in their kitchens. Thankfully, with Where Women Cook: Celebrate! I can actually get a look at the cooking environment of these famous chefs! Plus, I get to learn about their favorite recipes and tips on how to turn every moment festive whether that’s a holiday party or a family dinner.

This book contains information about twenty eight food bloggers or chefs. Each woman is featured in her own section with tons of photographs but of her, her kitchen and her favorite tasty creations. You’ll learn about how they create special parties, cozy teas and home style dinners. Not only are there tons of pictures of the actual food they’ve created, you’ll be able to see the invitations, costumes, decorations, and food being prepared. The pages are laid out in an attractive scrapbook-like format with graphics, photographs, quotations, etc. Scattered throughout the layout are recipes that are best loved by each individual food blogger or chef.

There are a wide variety of different types of recipes included including beverages, condiments, dip, vegetables, desserts and main dishes. You’ll find southern favorites like Grits Cakes and northern favorites like Pumpkin Doughnuts with Maple Butter Glaze. There are even recipes that use the slow cooker. You’ll see how The Pioneer Woman makes a big summer meal and enjoys a night of fireworks. Bakerella shares how she creates amazing cake pops to help make any event worth celebrating.

If you’re someone who enjoys curling up in a chair with your favorite cookbook and reading it cover to cover, you have got to get this cookbook. Not only are the recipes amazing, but taking a look into these women’s lives is truly fascinating! I love the sneak peeks at their kitchens and learning all about their favorite recipes. I cannot decide which one I want to make next: the Pear Pie with Rosemary Crust or the Rose Pudding! I have absolutely fallen in love with Fifi O’Neill’s vintage kitchen decorations!

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