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Book Review: When Life Strikes: Weathering Financial Storms by Cal Brown

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Cal Brown’s When Life Strikes: Weathering Financial Storms is an important exploration of what happens when the unexpected occurs in our lives. So much can transpire in a moment without any warning. And during such times, we are thrown into a dark financial and psychological abyss of uncertainty and anxiety.

The worst strikes come when a loved one dies, or when we suddenly get seriously ill.  Most of us want to believe that death, illness, and sudden loss of employment will come when we’re prepared and at the proper time. But this rarely happens.

Usually such tragedies strike when we least expect them. And they can leave us destitute and financially drained, sometimes even homeless.

Brown knows about such tragedies first-hand. He went through many sudden shifts, and even tragedies, over that past 25 years or so. All of them caught him financially off-guard and unprepared. 

These were such painful times for him and his family that he decided to write a book so that he could spare people from the devastation of such strikes before they occur.

When Life Strikes is a book for our uncertain financial times. Many people are losing jobs and are forced to change careers in their middle years. Still others have lost a lot of money on the stock market because of its volatility.

Further, there are more instances of cancer now than ever before. People who never had a history of cancer in their family of origin are getting ill with the disease at an alarming rate. Because of all of these factors, it is essential for people to plan for life’s heavy blows.  

Brown’s book is not a do-it-yourself guide. It is rather a starting point for making good decisions for ourselves and our family before tragedy strikes. 

I recommend this book for everyone who doesn’t want to be caught unprepared for life’s tragedies. You can be prepared.

Knowledge is power folks. So, arm yourself with knowledge. Take charge of your financial life.

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