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Book Review: What’s Your Poo Telling You? by John Richman and Anish Sheth, M.D.

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Perhaps I am biased because I am not afraid to talk about its greatness, its power. It has been said that everyone does it. It is the great equalizer. The thing that could unite world leaders. It is poop!

I received What’s Your Poo Telling You? as gift for my birthday from a friend who shares my affection for poo. Although a book you wouldn’t bring out at the dinner table or in front of your mother, it is a fun read with interesting tidbits and doctor’s analysis of what you see in your bowl.

Written by Josh Richman and Anish Sheth, M.D. and illustrated by Peter Arckle, What’s Your Poo Telling You? doesn’t just include humorous witty writing but also direct illustrations. The book’s 96 pages begins with a map of your digestive tract, then takes you on a journey from Déjà Poo to the poo named The Curtain Call. The book’s honesty on this sometime touchy subject is refreshing, and its skillful use of euphemisms is down-right hilarious. The small hardcover book can fit in your pocket. So you can entertain people anywhere, and it is great for those visits to the bathroom. It is the kind of book you can open at any point. Also, it is a fantastic reference guide to what may have just passed through you.

Each poo has synonyms just in case their name wasn’t quite clear enough for you. For example, Déjà Poo is also known as Veggie Burger, Leftovers, Corn-Backed Rattler, and Sloppy Seconds. Following this comes the description —  in layman’s terms — of what you see inside the toilet . Then, “Dr. Stool” tells you exactly why you are seeing that particular brand of poo, whether too little fiber or too many burritos. Some sections include case studies from contraband to pharaohs.

The sweetest parts of the book are the “Doo you know?” and the trivia nuggets found throughout the book. You too will be amazed by such fast such as: “Horses poo ten pounds’ worth of dung, often without breaking a stride.” Inside the pages, you will also find a guide to foods that give you gas and symptoms of poo that may indicate cancer.

The co-authors of What’s Your Poo Telling You?, John Richman and Anish Sheth, M.D., met each while they were undergraduates at Brown University. Recently, the duo released What’s My Pee Telling Me?, a guide full of entertaining health facts to pee and gas.

I would recommend this book to any male or anyone who enjoys bathroom humor. The book is very well-done and by no means disgusting. If you get past the toilet on the cover, it too can become your secret love.

You will be surprised while reading by how often you laugh and by how much you learn. Love it or hate, you won’t be able to put this piece of hilarious writing down.

What’s Your Poo Telling You? and What’s My Pee Telling Me? are both available to buy at Amazon.com

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  • I did wonder what my poo was trying to tell me, and I’ve been meaning to look up some books about it – but perhaps I’ll just stick to this book for now 😉 Great review, thanks!

  • My wife and I love this book. I defy anyone to read it out loud without cracking up. It can’t be done.

  • You are what you eat–and poop. Great review; I’ll have to check this out. I have a feeling lots of people have a “closet” fascination with their own personal “productions.” I’d guess each poo is like a snowflake–no two alike in the world. I smell DNA poo analysis coming soon!

  • I love the fact that the poo book inspired the pee sequel. I can’t wait for the additional follow-ups: “Does Your Snot Say A Lot?” and “Your Phlegm is a Gem.” Further proof that nothing succeeds like success – again and again and again. Very tasteful review of what can often be a very tasteless subject.