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Book Review: What’s the Future of Business? Changing the Way Businesses Create Experiences by Brian Solis

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Readers will immediately realize a new book by author Brian Solis, What’s the Future of Business? Changing the Way Businesses Create Experiences, is not the standard type of business or marketing reference book. First, the size of the book is not traditional; it resembles a photo or coffee table type book. Second, the inside of the book offers a different look and feel than most business books.
Lastly, the ideas presented are fresh and new that “aligns the tenets of user experience with innovation and leadership to improve business performance, engagement, and relationships for a new generation of consumerism.”

Important Concepts Offered by What’s the Future of Business?

A few of the major concepts Solis addresses include:

• Listening and responding to the voice of the empowered customer.
• One of the catalysts for change includes disruptive technology.
• The great myth of implementing technology to bring a business into the 21st Century.
• The many moments of truth for today’s competitive business including the zero moment of truth, the first moment of truth and the ultimate moment of truth.
• Ten priorities for business transformation.
• The four stages of change including inception, tribulation, transformation and realization.
• Branding is more important than ever as is building brand empathy.
• The six pillars of social commerce.

Noteworthy Features

There are many features of this book that really stand out. Again the size of the book will surprise readers, the content being straight-to-the-point without adding a lot of unnecessary reading, and the book is colorful and contains many meaningful graphics.

The author introduces relevant but surprising facts that will certainly enlighten readers. One that especially stands out concerns today’s consumer expectations: “They not only expect better experiences, they believe they are entitled to them. This is an opportunity for your business to create positive experiences. For it is the experience that will become the measure of satisfaction and success.”

Solis proposes that businesses are still trying to market, sell, and serve the customer versus creating experiences. Some longtime business professionals may argue that the phrase ‘serving the customer’ means much the same as the phrase ‘amazing customer experiences’.

Solis also goes into detail describing the different generations including Gen Y, Gen Z, Gen X and introduces his idea of Gen C. The author defines Gen C as “a connected consumer” spanning all of the generations including the Boomers who have “crossed over to the digital lifestyle.”

Readers will also find an interesting view of the traditional sales funnel. Solis uses the Influence Loop that is a constant and repetitive path for consumers to take. The author takes his own advise in trying to create an experience for his readers.

The book design and layout, offering an additional chapter online for no cost and the uncluttered content are all part of Solis’s customer experience. And, it all worked for this reader.

What’s the Future of Business? is highly recommendable. The world has endured many changes over the past few years. Business, which uses some practices that are decades old, has been caught up in these changes. It is a new world from almost every aspect of life these days. Business and industry can either embrace this bright new world and thrive, or ignore it and wait for it to return to some form of what they think is the norm, and ultimately perish.

About the Author

Solis is described on the book’s cover as “globally recognized as one of the most important thought leaders in new media.” He is the principal of Altimeter Group and has written two previous books, Engage! And The End of Business as Usual.

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