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Book Review: What Do You Have in Your House: Surviving in Times of Financial Crisis by Donna Every

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What Do You Have in Your House is a book that urges readers to look inside themselves and their homes to find the gifts they have to get themselves out of a financial crisis. It begins with the story of the Widows Oil from the Bible where a widow must raise money to pay her deceased husband's debts or have her sons taken away as slaves to his creditors. For those unfamiliar with the story, Elisha asks what she has in her house to help and she replies all she has is a little oil. He urges her to collect as many jars as possible and miraculously, oil continues to flow until all the jars have been filled. She then sells the oil to pay his debts and save her sons from slavery.

Because we have a covenant with God, we don't need to struggle through the financial crisis on our own. We can ask Him for help. The author urges people to look inside themselves and their houses to find a way to get out of debt. This may include a skill like sewing or gardening or it may include something tangible that can be sold to bring in money. It's what you can access the quickest.

What Do You Have in Your House is an inspirational book that's full of stories of how everyday people turned their lives around by using the skills and resources God gave them in order to get out of debt. These aren't "easy" stories. The people featured worked hard and were at the end of their ropes when they made the decisions to do what they did. These are people who are already working full time jobs when they struggle to add in another job to make ends meet. The author feels that your oil will flow in proportion to the effort you put into it and the faith you have in God to give you the strength to get through it.

What Do You Have in Your House is not only motivational but it has lots of practical information on how to achieve your goals. It warns against procrastination and fear stopping you from achieving your goals and gives you the basic information on how to get down to business.The author also offers helpful advice on pleasing your customers and information on how to go from debt to equity.

I really enjoyed this book because not only is it inspirational but it offers practical advice that's easy for your everyday person to implement. She's talking to the "average Joe" — not an entrepreneur with a PhD. Unlike many other Christian motivational books, she doesn't just urge you to pray for God's help, she shows you how God has already given you the skills and resources you need to help yourself.

Obviously, What Do You Have in Your House is a Christian book so it contains many scriptural references. The author also glowingly references President Obama several times in the book. I found the first to be comforting and the second to be easily skipped over. If either of these things offend you, this may not be the book for you.

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