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Book Review: WE x Infinity: Face the Terror of Our World Equation by Charlie Pedersen

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Hoping to positively influence the past so that there will be a better future, an unmanned, electro-magnetic, mass-less photon probe is sent by scientists, from the early twenty-second century, one-hundred years into the past. Thirteen particle physics labs from various points around the world receive a visit. To prove its validity, each lab is given specific information about events that are to directly occur. When each event happens, the scientists are baffled, yet still incredibly intrigued.

Five oracles that can influence our future are sent to be delivered to the United Nations. These oracles offer information that can have a direct effect on creating positive change. By helping create a paradigm shift, the future can be positively impacted in many areas including human rights, and energy and water conservation. Knowing that the scientists are under direct threat by people who can be negatively impacted by these changes, the scientists have to involve the protection of the CIA and Interpol. Even with their help, lives are still at risk, and so is the future because the people most threatened by the healthy survival of our planet are terrorists and a private espionage company.

Determined to spread the word about the information that is presented to them, the scientists prepare a presentation that includes information from our times and suggestions that are made from the future. The serious reality of the information presented about the global devastation that is currently happening is very serious. The suggestions presented that are gleaned from information gathered from the future bring hope to mankind. In turn, making positive changes now will help create a better future and quite possibly save the planet. However, those from the present have to be very careful with how they proceed so that the future will not be altered too drastically or in a negative way. One big lesson learned is that for our civilization to survive, we need to step back from continuously recreating the problems of our past and create a paradigm shift so that we can focus on working towards a positive future for the good of all mankind.

WE x Infinity is intelligently written and presents well-documented information about our current circumstances. Taking this information and injecting it into what could happen in the future makes for a very interesting, thought-provoking science fiction novel. In addition to creating and writing a fantastic story, the author, Charlie Pedersen, impressed me with the amount of research and references that he used to demonstrate his points for the times that we are living in now. He really makes you think about what will happen to the future if we continue on the same path that we are on now.

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