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Book Review: We Can All Do Better by Bill Bradley

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We Can All Do Better is a wonderfully hopeful, motivational, and courageous book which every American should read. It is a book for our time and about our time. After reading this book, it will be hard for any American to live the same way she did before reading it.

Bill Bradley’s We Can All Do Better serves as a wake-up call for all Americans to awaken out of their lethargic and egoistical place and start making things happen. Americans have to stop being hopeless and get back to the optimism that was experienced throughout history. It is within our power to take control of our American future. This can be done by taxing labor less and things more, adopting in a massive infrastructure program, investing heavily in research, educating citizens for a lifetime in a world of constant change, and reducing the budget deficit.

None of these things can be accomplished without fortitude. Politicians should put country before party and tell us the truth. Americans also need brave leaders who can take on the powers of special interest groups. Lastly, Americans need leaders who will level with them about what needs to be done to improve the economy. Americans have to be ready to tighten their belts for however long it takes.

Bradley believes that energy must flow from citizens to the leaders. This is a paradigm shift from how Americans think currently. They believe that energy should flow from the leaders to the people. But this will only result in more of the same. A president, such as Barack Obama, can inspire and mobilize Americans. But he can’t do it alone. The president needs lieutenants and sergeants to make the dreams come through.

The time for cooperation has arrived, Bradley argues. No one person can fix the economy and secure national safety, protect our natural heritage, or reduce global warming. Each American citizen has a part to play in making America better. Americans must look for wisdom everywhere, not just towards the wise and rich. Everyone has something to contribute. We have to work together to make America a better place. And they should not wait for things to happen. Instead, Americans should take charge and make things happen.

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