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Book Review: We Are Not Alone: The Writers Guide To Social Media by Kristen Lamb

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I joined a website called wordpress.com, which you may have heard of. I stumbled across Kristen Lamb’s blog and was sucked in by snappy, funny, and informative writing.

She has a book called We Are Not Alone: The Writer’s Guide To Social Media, that she promotes. A lot. Curious, I bought it for my Amazon Kindle.

Kristen writes, “your big goal should be to link your name with your content.” The absolute only user name you should use is the name you desire to publish under.

This makes sense! If your name is Smitty Smith, you want people to Google Smitty Smith and find that name. Not all of the silly user names you go by like ‘CloudLover14’ and ‘HotChick4U’. And yes, these names most likely exist.

She also talks about understanding and gathering content, free social media sites and how to get your name out there without spamming and annoying people. It is important to connect with people, not send them screaming into the other room.

Then she discusses the rules of social media, organizing, and creating groups (this is how you get people to get more people), and much more.

The book is worth checking out.

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About Darlene Steelman

  • Love her book, too! She kicked me in my virtual furry ass-ets and now I’m up and running on a blog as well. Was already using my name, but my big take-away was to stop writing “columns” and being an expert and just INTERACT with folks. Kristen Lamb’s book is purr-fect. (sorry, couldn’t resist).

  • In a world where social media is becoming the driving force of networking and promotion, Kristen’s book is a must read for all! Her book applies to all professions and anyone who wants to successfully tackle the social media world.

  • This book will save any writer tons of time and energy and will give them focus. Highly recommended!

  • Kristen Lamb had this social media stuff under control before just about anyone and her book rocks! Another recommendation here!

  • Kristen Lamb

    Wow! Thanks for such a wonderful review. It is very much appreciated.

    And, yes, I promote the book a lot, namely because this information is so vital to writers being successful. Yes, we need to promote, BUT we still need to have time left over to write MORE BOOKS! Many social media programs don’t appreciate an author’s unique reality. we producew the product and so our time is extremely limited.

    Again, thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the time to review.