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Book Review: Walking Through Walls by Karen Cioffi

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Walking Through Walls is a wonderful fantasy story about a boy who aspires to be more than his father. Wang’s father works on the family farm from dawn to dusk every day. Wang dreams of having a very different life. He wants to be rich and powerful and he doesn’t want to work long hours in the fields and get very little in return.

Wang’s father becomes increasingly impatient with him. Wang gets more and more disillusioned with his family life and wants to make something of himself.

Wang is a dreamer and a thinker. So, he decides to travel to Lao Mountain in search of a better life. Wang believes that the people there can show him some magical tricks that will create light in his life. 

But will this really happen?

Wang learns a lot of life lessons while he is at Lao Mountain. One of the most important things Wang learns is self-resilience and the importance of hard work.

But does Wang have a happier life when he returns home from Lao Mountain?  That I will leave to the reader to decide for himself.

Karen Cioffi’s story is captivating and engaging. The illustrations are vivid and enliven each chapter of the story.

Kids of all ages will be able to relate to Wang’s plight and the important lessons that he learned after they read this chapter book.

My nephew loved the book, and I will be reading it to my other nephews over the next few months.

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  • Irene, thank you for this wonderful review of Walking Through Walls.

  • Hi Karen,

    What a great story! I was so happy to read it!

    ~ Irene