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Book Review: Waking the Queen (Ride of the Darkyrie) by Saranna DeWylde

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Hear that? Hear what? Seriously, you must be kidding! Honey buns, it is the roar of sirens blazing an ass kickin’ trail to douse the inferno DeWylde ignited in her powerfully packed little serial. FDNY is working overtime to hose down the…never mind! Whew! Get it together and focus, Morasco, focus on the review not anything else. Not Channing Tatum in the role of Jason Grimes. Not even Jacob donning a FDNY uniform to saturate the flames. Mmm…

DeWylde definitely knows how to bring it with every tale she tells and Waking the Queen (Ride of the Darkyrie) knocks her into a stratosphere of epic decadence. I have to say, Hollywood would be remiss not to scoop this series up. Visions of Milla Jovovich or Jessica Biel in the role of Detective Brynn Hill dance in my noggin. Brynn is raw, resilient, sharp and witty!

DeWylde’s superb use of the English language, “like melted rubies splashed against snow,” conjures up a vivid canvas only she can execute.

Detective Brynn Hill is on the chase for an angel of mercy assassin who’s been targeting combat veterans. When Brynn has a murderer in her line of vision, there’s no escape. She’s a hunter of hunters: adjudicator, magistrate and slayer for individuals who slide through the fissures in the structure.

However Brynn’s angel of mercy eradicator isn’t what she appears. She is a Valkyrie assigned to transport immoral soldiers home and initiate Brynn’s voyage to ascension.

Brynn isn’t a mere cop . She isn’t just the unhinged spawn of a notorious serial killer. She is the Darkyrie Helreggin. The Queen of Hel born again to crate the malevolent that no other supremacy can. It’s her purpose to lead the warriors of the damned and justify a legacy that will transform the nine worlds eternally.

Provided that a damaged, shadowy, executioner doesn’t slaughter Brynn first.

Good gravy, DeWylde, do I have to sit patiently for the second installment? *hint*

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