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Book Review: Uplifters: Inspirational Stories From The Heart by Debbie Hoffman Nutile

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This is a great book by a very inspiring author. Debbie Hoffman Nutile has compiled twenty-three great real life stories that will move the reader to hope, faith, and inspiration. The stories are from people all over the world who have had great things happen to them.

This is a book like no other in that each page will inspire the reader to seek greatness and to believe that life can be so much better than it is. We each can bring control to our lives. All of the authors in the book have had difficulties and have raised themselves above them, both through God’s Grace and sheer determination on their part. Each person was looking for comfort and healing. And they found it.

I especially love the author’s own story at the end of her book and how she faced her own struggles and overcame them but wanted to help others to achieve their potential as well through the hope and comfort.  The result was this book. What a brilliant idea and an inspiration to readers!

Nutile’s book will be of interest to lay readers and psychologists alike. What a wonderful journey. I recommend this book to anyone who is searching for more hope, happiness, and contentment in their lives. When you open Nutile’s book, you will feel that you have come to the right place.


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  • Daniel

    This is really an amazing book, what I really liked about it is the fact that each story is based on real life stories from around the world. Each story was uplifting and inspiring, very recommended.