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Book Review: Unleashing Genius: Leading Yourself, Teams, and Corporations by Paul David Walker

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Paul David Walker’s Unleashing Genius is a wonderful exploration of how to genuinely unleash your genius.  Most of us are trapped in old behaviour patterns and value systems that do very little to empower us with betterment and excellence. Though the journey of self-actualization isn’t easy though, it will force you to examine yourself very carefully. This takes courage, compassion, humility, wisdom, an ability to conceive the future, and many other psychological skills and talents.

As a leader, your biggest challenge will be to do what you know, not know what to do. True leadership comes about not from finding the right strategy as it getting people to follow the right strategy. The challenge is humanity itself. There are dragons to slay on the outside and the inside. At the same time, it is essential that you don’t take yourself too seriously. Otherwise, the ego will crush your efforts.  

In order to live in this world, you must learn to master concept and thought. You must not make the mistake that thinking thought itself is reality. In other words, you must not try to create your place in the matrix of thought that defines this world. You’ll just end up feeling lost and empty.

Instead, you should reconnect with the “Great Intelligence” through “Integrative Presence” and begin to live more connected with reality. To achieve this, you have to develop a childlike innocence and become increasingly comfortable living in “Integrative Presence” so that you can unleash your genius. By unleashing your genius, you’ll be unleashing the intelligence of those around you too.

Walker encourages the reader to journal about the insights and action steps (s)he takes while reading this book. It is a wonderful and explorative book that will take the reader to different levels of self-understanding and self-actualization. What a deep and nourishing book for leaders and individuals alike. Leadership is an art that you could master. You just need the courage to keep trying to empower yourself.

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