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Book Review: #tweetsmart: 25 Twitter Projects to Help You Build Your Community

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Of all the social media tools I use in my business, Twitter is the one that seems to confuse people the most. I cannot tell you how many people I talk to tell me they just don’t *get* Twitter.

#tweetsmart: 25 Twitter Projects to Help You Build Your Community can help. The goal of these projects is to build and interested in engaged community for your products. You can use these social tools to build, engage, and interact with your community.

The projects range from simple, one-person projects to more complicated projects that require more people and more skill. Each project has a QR Code so that you can scan it and recommend it to your followers.

Project ideas include a creative way to run a contest using retweeting or tweeting about certain things as a way of entering. It’s a fairly simple project that includes step by step instructions. Links are included to check out further resources or find HTML when it isn’t included in the project instruction.

There are a few projects, such as the Tweet & Eat project, that really would work best for businesses with an actual, physical product to promote. Each project contains an Advanced Strategies section that offers extra things you can do once you’ve mastered the basics. There are also some great brainstorming strategies that will get you thinking about different ways to promote and engage with your community.

In some cases, you are encouraged to use Twitter to offer coupons or special sales and discounts when people tweet certain hashtags or information to you. Some of the projects will require that you interact with your Twitter community in the *real* world.

That necessitates that your followers a) live near you and b) you live in a large enough area to have a bunch of followers.

In addition to the contests, coupons, and discounts, there are also a few fun games included in the book. I had honestly never considered using Twitter to ask trivia questions, play hangman or adlibs. Of course, the key to engagement is to offering a prize at the end of the game, unless you just happen to have a lot of followers that like to play games.

This is definitely a neat reference book to get you into using Twitter in more creative ways. I’d say it is probably going to be most useful for those businesses that have actual physical products that they can give away as prizes, promote via photographs, offer discounts on purchases, etc. It will work even better if you sell products locally or in a bunch of different physical locations so people can interact in the real world.

Nonetheless, there are definitely ideas that any business can use to better interact with their followers. Just start at the beginning at the simplest project and move slowly toward the end. Don’t forget to scan the QR codes as you go!

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