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Book Review: Turquoise by Marilynn Griffith

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In the trendy tale of Turquoise, Marilynn Griffith captures the essence of love, friendship, and faith with an urban flare. Turquoise is the fourth in Griffith’s "Shades of Style" series.

Chenille Rizzo, owner of Garments of Praise (a fashion design company), is devastated at the loss of her husband Lyle. She is flung from wife to widow all too soon. As a result, her heart lingers somewhere in between the two. Overwhelmed with heartache, she functions in spite of her grief, with the help of her friends and business partners.

One day to her surprise, she finds herself in the presence of a familiar face and her response turns out to be different than expected. Now she finds herself in a whirlwind of emotions, and to complicate things she receives an email from the grave. Confused, Chenille masked her true feelings and reveals the contrary, leading to an ending filled with tears — but not all tears are of a sorrowful nature.

Griffith is a virtuoso in her genre, Christian chick lit. This Christian chick lit is not overbearing or preachy. If you want to read a good book without foul language and explicit scenery, this a great read. It’s proof positive that there are still novelists out there who hold some type of moral values. Hungry for faith, fiction, and fun, I devoured every word with colossal satisfaction.

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