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Book Review: Turn Coat by Jim Butcher

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It has been a while since I had read anything about Harry Dresden, wizard for hire. Turn Coat is the 11th book in The Dresden Files series that’s seen Harry go from a lowly wizard working as a private investigator to being a Warden, one of the wizard elite. And though there have been highs and lows for me throughout the series, Butcher continues to provide fun, inventive plots for Harry to unravel.

In Turn Coat, Morgan, one of the Wardens of the White Council who has provided endless trouble for Dresden, shows up at his front door and asks for help. Yes folks, it starts with a bang. For those who know, there’s no love lost between Harry and Morgan. The older Warden’s distrust for Harry has caused more than a few issues in the past, and now Morgan is being framed for the murder of a member of the White Council – the ruling body of wizards.

Does Harry just turn him in like he should have? Nope. As always, he takes the most difficult road and decides to help prove Morgan’s innocence. Of course, that turns out to be more difficult than it sounds. Over the course of the book, the White Court of vampires becomes involved as well as a Skinwalker (nasty supernatural critter from Native American myths). Harry calls on the help of Toot Toot (a faerie) and his friends, Georgia and Billy and their pack of werewolves, Detective Murphy, his brother Thomas (a White Court vampire), and many others.

Butcher has once again knocked one out of the park with Turn Coat, and I couldn’t stop reading. It took me a couple of days to blow through the book. I found myself depressed at the end, not that the story was resolved, but that I didn’t have more to read…

So if you are a fan of urban fantasy and haven’t started reading The Dresden Files, I have to wonder why. Dresden’s world is full of magic from the Vampire Courts, Faerie Courts, wizards, warlocks, and beasties both wee and huge. Add to that holy warriors and unholy demons, and you have a heck of a mystical landscape to draw from.

And if the urban fantasy angle isn’t enough, read for the sarcasm. It’s dripping through the pages, with Harry having some of the best lines in the world. Butcher even managed to create a number of new words in Turn Coat like “Ostentatiatory” – a huge ostentatious room for wizards to meet in. I’m still giggling about that one.

Turn Coat came out in April – it’s taken me a while to finally get to read my copy. It should be at the top of your urban fantasy reading list after you’ve read the rest of the Dresden novels (start with number one, Storm Front). I can hardly wait for the next one, and I know it’ll be a while… I’ll try to be patient!

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