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Book Review: True Strength by Kevin Sorbo

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I was a huge fan of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys when it held the title of “Most Watched Television Show in the World.” The writing, acting, and stunts were always top-notch. It also spawned a couple of really good spin-offs like Xena: The Warrior Princess. However, until I read True Strength, I never knew about the kind of health problems that its star Kevin Sorbo faced while he was shooting this series.

He suffered an aneurism in his left arm; one bad enough that doctors feared that they might have to amputate it. He also suffered three strokes that left him with migraine headaches, dizziness, and a blind spot in his vision–among several other symptoms.

Through all of that, he battled through with an enormous amount of support from his wife Sam. He finished the series and moved on to Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda while keeping the full extent of his health problems (mostly) out of the media.

Kevin Sorbo’s tale of how all of this happened and the things that he learned along the way is nothing short of inspirational and well as instructive. He talks about how his plans for the future changed because of his illness, about his relationship with God, and about his family.

Early in the book, he talked about his life prior to Hercules. This starts with a look at what it was like for him growing up in Minnesota. From there, the story progresses to his early days as an aspiring actor and model.

He didn’t go into as much detail about the early days of his career as I would have preferred. He talked about meeting his agent and how he almost got cast as Clark Kent/Superman in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. However, I get the feeling that there was a lot of material that he didn’t cover.

Regardless, that was the only thing about this book that I didn’t like. If nothing else, maybe he’ll write another book one day that goes into those early days in more detail.

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