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Book Review: Trial & Error by Paul Levine

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The case gets personal when Steve Solomon's nephew ends up smack in the middle of all the action. When Steve steps in to help Bobby, he finds himself in the midst of a high speed chase trying to catch the Jet Ski-riding dolphin thieves. As Steve heroically tackles one of the dolphin-nappers, he has no idea that this isn’t the end of story for him.

In this fourth installment of the “Solomon & Lord” series, Steve and his business partner/girlfriend, Victoria Lord, end up on opposite sides of the courtroom. They are both determined to win – Victoria, as always, playing it safe and keeping things "by the book". Steve, on the other hand, prefers to do whatever it takes to break the case. Unfortunately for Steve, Victoria’s learned many of his tricks from working with him so closely. She may just show him up this time.

Steve and Victoria must not only work together, they also have to figure out how they can live together while on opposite sides of the case. Steve finds himself facing some tough choices. Will he play nice in the courtroom or risk losing his girlfriend? And can he protect Bobby, who may inadvertently hold the key to unlocking this case?

Paul Levine gives readers another great, fast-paced novel that will keep the reader’s attention. The twists and turns make the story exciting and yet Levine keeps the mood light with many humorous escapades. If you like a little humor thrown in to your legal thrillers, this one’s for you.

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