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Book Review: Tracking The Soul With an Astrology of Consciousness by Joe Landwehr

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When I cracked open Tracking The Soul With An Astrology Of Consciousness I knew I had someone’s baby in my hands and I knew I was going to learn something new. Joe Landwehr marries astrology, which I know a lot about, with the Chakra system, which I know little about, and I was eager to be exposed his world. I thought the book would challenge me and it did.

The challenge came not because of the material, which was inaccessible due some writing flaws, but because of Joe Landwehr himself who is present on every page. And the man transmits. His ability to communicate is so extraordinary it took me several chapters to comprehend the scope and relax into reading his work. It’s like the difference between listening to a guy plucking his guitar in the corner of a coffee shop and being in the room with a full blown symphony orchestra, you have to adjust.

But as I grew used to being stimulated on multiple levels simultaneously I became more and more appreciative of the author. He manages to teach while being both spiritual and sober. He is also high-minded and deep. He is humble and confident and I was thrilled when midway through this ride (half-way through the book) he included his own chart – like a present that explained it all – and I had to laugh. Thanks, Joe!

Thanks for the superior super-varied cross-section of people whose charts you selected to analyze. Thanks for sharing your intimate experience. Thanks for being willing to reveal your fears and insecurities and let the reader see you as human. Thanks for the potent bits your book is chock full of. Thanks for crediting others and most of all, thanks for the innovation to this subject I love so much…astrology.

Tracking The Soul is volume one in The Astropoetic Series, Joe Landwehr’s lifework. Check it out, you are bound to be enriched in the same way a trip to the symphony feeds the soul.

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