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Book Review: ‘Time Fall’ by Tim Ashby

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Don’t you love to get lost in a good book – and especially one that offer the chance to learn about new people, new places, new experiences and much more? Those are some of the reasons why I was interested in Time Fall by Tim Ashby. His background was also a big attraction for me.  As an author I like to know something about the person behind the book.

A lawyer, businessman and writer, he worked in Washington DC as a counter-terrorism consultant to the U.S. State Department, and then at the U.S. Commerce Department, working on commercial relations with Latin America and the Caribbean. He has lived in the Caribbean and Europe and as an avid historian, he has written widely on military history, archaeology, business and international relations.

Time Fall begins in WWII with a group of Army Rangers preparing to parachute into Nazi Germany.  ButTime Fall by Tim Ashby there is a freak storm and the US Delta Force, code name ‘Operation Bandstand’ is transported into 2011 – but they don’t know about the mysterious passage of decades. So, for everyone else, WWII is over but the Rangers are still prepared to carry out their mission.

I had some concerns when I heard there was a time travel element to the book, but it works well. Ashby also included enough detail to make the story plausible – without the overkill that some authors get bogged down in. It is important to note that his extensive research and knowledge are evident in his books.

Time Fall contains plenty of twists and turns throughout the story – keeping the reader on their toes and turning the pages. Within the pages of this thriller, Ashby tackles, terrorists, anti-terrorists special forces, weapons, WWII, current hostilities, investigation of missing military personnel, forensic investigations, and much more.

In the prologue we see an encounter between Adolf Hitler and a young boy – that encounter has a lasting impact of the boy and we see how he behaves as the years go by.  This is just one of a number of ways Ashby reminds us of the two time periods in this story.  There are many things in this book – although it is a novel – that can make us think about the situations in the world today.

I highly recommend this novel for people who want to learn about another place and time – through the pages of a thriller that will definitely keep their attention to the very end.

More on the author’s blog.


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  • Excellent review Nikki…will have to read this one!

  • Shobhan Bantwal

    Good review, Nikki! Makes me want to read the book, for sure.
    Shobhan Bantwal
    Author of The Reluctant Matchmaker

  • litekepr

    Thank you SHobhan and Stephen — I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback from his virtual tour hosts. Great research and a complicated premise – you’ll enjoy it :)