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Book Review: Tides of Passion (eBook) by Tracy Sumner

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Tides of Passion takes us back into the lives of the Garrett brothers as a follow-up to Tides of Love. Originally written in 2002, and republished in 2011, it was fun to have the opportunity to step back in time and enjoy this good old-fashioned, historical romance. The romance takes place in North Carolina in 1898. Beautiful and feisty Savannah Connor has just arrived from New York to visit her best friend Elle. Quickly after arriving, she stirs the quiet town by rallying the women together to fight for higher pay in the factories. This draws the attention, attraction, and ire of the local constable Zachariah Garrett.

Well respected by the community, Zach is widowed with a young son. When Savannah arrives, many of the townsfolk notice a change in him. The women are intrigued by the change and have fun speculating about what might happen. Feeling attracted to Zach, yet having no desire to marry, Savannah offers him the chance to enjoy private liaisons without commitment. Vowing that one would never marry the other, the two enjoy their passionate interludes. That is, until they get caught in a very compromising position.

Feeling that he must do what is right and marry Savannah, both are troubled by doubts about their feelings. They are afraid that they are not shared. Zach has to overcome the guilt that he has carried with him for the death of his wife and unborn child. Savannah fears that he is unable to make room in his heart for her because of his former wife. This is the dilemma. But meanwhile, while the two are figuring their hearts out, they are also engaging in feisty conversations and passionate encounters.

I loved reading Tides of Passion. Tracy Sumner does an awesome job of creating fun, feisty, laugh-out-loud dialogue. She also stirs up a tremendous amount of sexual tension between the two main characters. I also appreciate that both are genuinely good people — they just need to figure themselves out. The Garrett family and friends had a great deal of depth and fun to the story. This is definitely a must read, especially for women’s reader groups.

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