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Book Review: Thread on Arrival by Amanda Lee

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Thread on Arrival is an authentic cozy in the land of mysteries. It is obvious by her smooth as silk narrative, Lee is having a fun time penning this series. Lee’s fifth Embroidery Mystery series is proof positive this chick is in love. Yes, in love. The blushing, bright, and bubbly type that sets us ablaze. Reading Thread on Arrival illustrates to readers, Lee, herself, has fallen in love with the world she has so wonderfully created. This is the mark of a gifted teller of tales.

Lee is clearly a story wizard and it is evident in Thread on Arrival from setting to plot to characters to action. If I was wearing a wig, it’d be somewhere in Wendy Williams territory. This murder maven’s got skills. Mad mayhem skills. Lee definitely knows how to slay ‘em. And she is an action chronicler par excellence! Action recounting is rare in the world of cozies, but Lee pulls it off without trying too hard. Lee has done a brilliant job with the research and peppers in some thought-provoking nuggets throughout this daring escape.

Lee also brilliantly and boldly delved into the horrid, but prevalent area of domestic abuse. From the way the story flows, she did not write it for shock value, sales or to endear herself to those who have been affected; she wrote about this subject because it is an imperative issue to discuss. She handles it with kindness, poise, and refinement. Brava to Lee for shining a light where darkness lives.

When Marcy Singer’s (Yep, just like the Singer sewing machine) pal Reggie, Tallulah Falls’ resident librarian, asks her to teach an embroidery class as therapy for domestic abuse victims, she joyfully agrees. One of the ladies wants to bolt from her abusive spouse but is terrified to leave her elderly father-in-law behind. And she reasons Marcy can help the dire situation.

When the venerable patriarch shows Marcy a tapestry his grandmother crafted, which he affirms exposes the whereabouts of pirate loot off the Oregon coast. He agrees to move to a shelter with the caveat that Marcy take the embroidery for safekeeping. However, when the police arrive the following day to accompany him safely out, they discover the elderly gentleman murdered and the house vandalized.

Lee creates characters you want to kidnap and make them members of your family. Yes, they are friends I visit every time I pick up one of Lee’s gripping books, but let’s face it, they are filled with entertainment, intrigue, and pandemonium. So, I want to dish with them—and spy on them.

Lee’s murders are so well plotted, folks, I pause when I hear a noise to make sure there isn’t a whack-a-doodle hovering nearby looking to off a neighbor! Pay no mind to my flashlight, hammer, pots, pans, and shovel…it is for the holiday season. I’m cookin’, decoratin’, and roastin’ nuts. Really! No, no, no, it is not my little cache of weapons for the cray cray loons sneaking around town. I live in the juicy apple not in Tallulah Falls, we New Yorker’s hire people to “handle our biz” mafia style. Geez. Oh, and as for roastin’ nuts…I like to make sure they are aromatic, warm and toasty before I dig in. *wink*

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