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Book Review: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

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Even if it is 70 years since the book Think and Grow Rich was written, it is still a highly respected and read book. It has sold millions of copies and is a “Bible” for people who are searching financial freedom. The essence of the book is Napoleon Hill’s famous statement: “Everything your mind can conceive, you can achieve” The title says the same, in different words: Think and Grow Rich

The book teaches “The thirteen steps to riches” according to Napoleon Hill.

It offers many questionnaires and practical exercises in addition to all the text. It gives you clear guide lines in how to set goals and reach them and how to make clear plans to follow. You are shown how you can realise your highest potential, and succeed in anything you set your mind to.

It also teaches you not to give up, and see all mistakes as learning opportunities. Napoleon Hill teaches that successful people never considers temporary failure as a permanent defeat.

Napoleon Hill used over 25 years to study over 500 of America’s most successful business men in the start of this century. He took this assignment on from Andrew Carnegie in 1908. If you would like to know more about the life of Napoleon Hill, click Biography and bibliography of Napoleon Hill.

Andrew Carnegie was at the time the richest man in the world and had from being a Scottish immigrant with no money, worked himself the way to become a giant steel manufacturer. If you like to know more about the life of Andrew Carnegie click: Biography of Andrew Carnegie .

Carnegie believed that any one could achieve the same success as him and wanted his success formula passed on to the world. This became Napoleon Hill’s life task.

The success formula is as relevant and useable now as it was 100 years ago. Maybe it is even more relevant, since now people like me and you start to understand that it is not magic and lucky stars that make people rich. It starts with the way we are thinking.

The book teaches you to think differently, and if you are on your way to financial freedom, this one is a must.

The only drawback with the book is that it can be formal and repetitive in the language it is written. (Remember that it was written 70 years ago.)

If you do not want to pay for the paper version of the book, you can get the eBook version for free here: Think & Grow Rich

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  • You might want to include the ASIN for Andrew Carnegie’s Gospel of Wealth [1557094713]. I’ve read only excerpts from the “Little Books of Wisdom” compiled by Carnegie, but they’ve given a clear glimpse into the attitudes and philosophy of the 19th-century entrepreneur…

  • Also, it should be noted that it was written for a male audience which was a turn-off the first time I tried to read it. Having gone back to it just this year I got hooked…there’s quite a bit to think about in there. I was suprised and happy to see it get some attention here.

  • Spec Farrar

    I have found a new edition of “Think and Grow Rich” that eliminates the problem of outdated language, sexist language, and language that today might be considered racist. It is “Think and Grow Rich!: The Original Version, Restored and Revised” (ISBN 1593302002), published by Aventine Press and edited by Ross Cornwell. I believe this is the only version of this classic book that has an index, an appendix, and extensive endnotes. Mr. Cornwell also has restored the book to its original (1937) manuscript, then “gently” revised some sections to clear up problems of outdated or offensive language. The book that this review is about is actually an abridged version (as are just about all the others)that Napoleon Hill published in 1960.

  • Daid Lebold

    I bleive Think And Grow Rich is the best book ever written. I used his principals of success in my fight against drug addiction. It taught me a new way of thinking. I belong to a 12 step program and I beleive Napoleons principles are directly related to the principles found in the 12 steps. I beleive not only can you think and grow rich, you can think and stay clean or you can substitute any words after think and the same priciples apply.

  • Great book, simply the best

  • Reading this book completly changed my outlook on life and I am now following a completly new, more fulfilling and hopefully prosperous career path – its all about finding something you are passionate about, taking a risk and perservering no matter what. A friend of a friend read the book and decided to make a film about following Napoleon Hill’s 13 steps – his journey took him halfway round the world and into the homes of all sorts of fascinating people – mostly millionaires, to see what he could learn from them. He hopes that the inspirational movie documentary that he has made will make him a wealthier man but also inspire other people to follow their dreams and see what happens – well its certainly inspired me! Its called ‘Millionaire – awaken the secret’ – look out for it….

  • stephen

    I don’t think one can get rich by reading think and grow rich. It lacks the how part. Its good at analysing the problems but as how to overcome them, it doesn’t say a lot. It tells about the qualities of successful people and the powers of subconscious mind and the powers of the sixth sense, but it does not state clearly how one can attain such mental states

  • sasha dabiri

    amazingly good book, its a life changer and if you read this and move on to NLP and study that a little your on your way. The DVD the secret is also great help, highly recommended x

  • Nigel

    I was a little disapointed when I first read Think and Grow Rich as I had read the forward and expected a big Ah ha, moment which never came.

    I read it again a few years later and felt the same disapointment. I think it was all very good back in the 1940 or whenever it was written but I don�t think some of the ideas have passed the test of time too well.

  • komal

    Think And grow Rich is one of the most prestigious and treasured book in the field of motivational literature……It taught me a new way of thinking….I belive “Think & Grow Rich” is the best book…..